5 Healthy Breakfast Dishes Made With Ragi

by Bhavik Patel writer

Start your day off on a healthy note with ragi! Ragi is a nutrient-rich grain packed with protein and dietary fibers, making it the perfect addition to any breakfast. It's also incredibly versatile - ragi can be used in ragi dosa, ragi idli, ragi upma and more, so you can make plenty of delicious and nutritious dishes with ragi for your morning meal. Here are five healthy breakfast dishes made with ragi that you simply must try!

1. Ragi Idli

If you're looking for something light and healthy, ragi idlis are the perfect choice! Mix ragi rava with urad dal, steam it in idli moulds and enjoy the fluffy ragi idlis which are rich in protein, calcium and iron. For a faster twist, you may opt for ready to use ragi idli mix that's made with organic ingredients to give your breakfast an extra nutritional and speed boost.

2. Ragi Porridge (Sweet)

A bowl of ragi porridge can be an excellent breakfast choice for those who prefer lighter meals. Simply cook ragi rava with water, add a dash of jaggery and cardamom powder, and you'll have a delicious ragi porridge that's packed with essential nutrients and healthy fats. For a healthier breakfast, you should use organic ragi rava which is available in most organic food stores. You can check Organic Wisdom’s 100% organic ragi rava.

3. Ragi Dosa

If you love ragi rava dosas, try making ragi dosa for a healthier breakfast! All you need to do is mix ragi flour with a few other ingredients and pour the batter onto a hot skillet - it's that simple! For greater convenience, you may opt for a ragi dosa mix that's made with organic ingredients, so you can have a delicious ragi dosa without spending too much time.  Check organic food store by Organic Wisdom, providing thousands of families with trusted 100% organic millets.

4. Ragi Upma

Ragi upma is an easy and healthy breakfast dish that can be prepared in minutes - all you need to do is sauté ragi rava with a few vegetables, add some water and you have ragi upma which is rich in dietary fiber and essential nutrients.

5. Ragi Pancakes

Ragi pancakes are a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that can be made with ragi flour. Simply mix ragi flour with other ingredients such as wheat flour, yogurt, honey and more to make a delicious batter which you can then cook in a skillet. The ragi pancakes are high in protein, calcium and iron, making them the perfect way to start your day! 

Ragi is like a powerhouse of nutrition! It packs an impressive punch of protein, dietary fiber and essential nutrients that can provide you with the energy you need to start your day right. Just like ragi gives you a burst of energy in the morning, it can also help to keep you energized throughout the entire day!

It is an incredibly versatile grain that can be used to make a variety of healthy breakfast dishes. From ragi rava idlis, ragi rava dosas, ragi upma, ragi porridge and ragi pancakes, these five dishes are sure to give you the nutrition and energy that you need for a healthy start to your day. With ragi, you can fuel your mornings with a nutritious punch!

Whether it's ragi rava idli mix, ragi dosa mix or ragi rava - Organic Wisdom has got all you need to make ragi dishes for your morning meals. So, don't wait any longer - try ragi today and give yourself the nutrition boost that you need!

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