5 Feasible Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

by CyberSecurity Services Advanced Cyber Security services Consulting Compan

Cyber security may seem like a complicated and large investment, particularly for small business owners. But in reality, it is neither - if you know the right approach to implementing it.

Recent studies have indicated that over sixty percent of businesses aren’t ready to face a breach. Moreover, small business owners are always on the lookout for the best “bang for their buck” on a majority of their investments, and cyber security solutions are no exception.

Five Highly Affordable Practices SMBs Can Adopt

Keeping that in mind, we will talk about five of the best, most feasible cyber security solutions every small or medium business needs at present.

1. Cyber security Training

General awareness about cyber security and its need is undoubtedly the most important training you can give to your employees when it comes to security investment. Not only is it feasible but it also is the best return on investment in terms of security.

A firewall may be the first line of defence to some, but it’s useless if one of the employees ends up clicking on a link and lets malicious software in through the front door. Therefore, training your staff, at least annually, is really the first line of defence. Based on how well they’re trained, they can be the strongest defence, or the biggest threat to your organization.


2. Second-factor authentication or MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

Businesses need to safeguard their assets from impostors, and a strong password is one of the most important ways to do this. However, passwords are simply not enough these days due to increased accessibility through data breaches.

That’s why multi-factor authentication needs to become second nature, just like using a password has become. It’s very affordable for the security that it provides!


3. Organizational Policies

Any cyber security company will tell you that administrative policies can make a big difference when it comes to cyber events. Even though such policies may take some time to implement properly, they’re worth the effort, such as clean workspace policy, strong passwords, locking systems while unattended, and so on.

You can consult with a cyber-security company for information about setting up a good password policy in your organization.


4. Tools to Test Your Defence

A business can’t be certain about their cyber security services program until they have tested it. This can be done through phishing simulations that are an economical yet brilliant way to find out whether your employees have learned anything from their training, and how well they have been following the policies.

When you can find out your company’s shortcomings before something truly goes wrong, you’ll know what sort of adjustments to make, thereby reducing the financial impact in case of an actual breach.

You can find a phishing simulator that can give unlimited templates and tests for all sorts of attack levels, from basic to sophisticated.


5. Cyber Insurance

Cyber breaches are common to the extent that businesses need to consider it as a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Fortunately, there are some excellent yet feasible cyber insurance providers.

Even so, coverage from a reliable insurance provider is further strengthened with the implementation of the above mentioned cyber security solutions, when the provider is aware that organization leaders are taking steps to safeguard their clients and the business. 

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