5 Easy Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

by Haider Ali Content Writer

The art of spotting a cheating partner is something that's easier said than done. However, I've put together some tips from relationship experts which can be used to help determine if you are being cheated on. I know it's not pleasant, but knowing is half the battle!

Here are five easy ways to catch a cheating partner:

1. Check Their Phone History

One of the easiest ways to catch your partner in the act is by checking their phone history. They'll probably be texting or calling their lover a lot if they're cheating.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, then you should check their phone history to see if there are any unknown numbers. If you find any unknown numbers, it's time to investigate further.

2. Check Their Facebook Messenger Account

Another way to catch a cheater is by checking their Facebook Messenger account. Most people use Facebook Messenger, so it's easier than ever for someone to cheat on their partner without being caught.

If your partner refuses to give you access to their Facebook account, then it may be time for you to start looking for evidence of infidelity yourself!

3. Watch for changes in behavior.

Does your partner seem more secretive lately? Are they getting anxious when you ask questions about where they've been? These could be signs that something suspicious is going on behind closed doors.

4. Check their phone for hidden apps.

Many people install apps on their phones that allow them to communicate with other people without leaving any traces on their devices. These apps often require an internet connection for messages and pictures, so if you notice unusual activity on your partner's data plan, this could signify infidelity.

5. Check the billing records for your joint accounts

If your partner is using their cell phone for an affair, they may use it to call or text someone by using an app like Skype. This means that your bill will have strange numbers on it which do not belong to anyone in your household. In addition, if they're running up charges at hotels or restaurants with the other person's name, their account will show those charges too!


If you are the cheated-on party in a relationship and you want to catch your cheating partner, then it is ideally within your rights to get help. This is not something that you should take on by yourself, especially if you intend to keep the situation professional and private. A good private investigator will be able to collect evidence in a manner that does not compromise your emotional well-being during the process.

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