5 Dos and Don'ts We Must Teach Our Children with Pets and Dogs

by Presidium Gurgaon Education

We all know that a  pet especially a dog , has a great impact on the  child’s upbringing. It has a great impact on how they treat others. Senior teachers from few best schools in Gurgaon, suggest that having a pet   teaches children empathy, kindness, responsibility, and self-confidence. We   adore the way children behave and treat dogs such as cuddle them, hug them, and sometimes scold them. However, there are certain mannerisms that we need to follow while treating a pet, says a veteran psychologist at associated with a list of top schools in Gurgaon. 

Let’s have a look at few important dos and don’ts that we must ensure and teach our children about pets as suggested by consultants with a list of top schools in Gurgaon  :

1.         When   eating:   Pets want to eat at peace and at their own pace and way. They do not appreciate when someone put their hands into their meals.  Hence, explain that children should stay away from the dog and pets when it has been offered treat or meals. Only adults should feed the dog.

2.       While they are playing, do not take any toy: Its rude and disturbs them. Children also learn to develop patience and tolerance. Incase of your dog, train them to give up the toy for a reward. Upon training, the dog will give away the toy instead of guarding it.

3.       Sleeptime: It is basic manner not to disturb anyone while they are sleeping, children need to understand that the same implies for pets too. Make sure they are sleeping in the area where they are not disturbed, else you may startle them.

4.      Body language : You can help your child understand the pets  dog’s body language with pictures, approaching them when they look happy and playful . If a dog is in a relaxed posture with a wagging tail and open mouth it is okay to approach the dog; however, if it is in a stiff posture, and looks alert and avoid eye contact then it better to stay away.

5.      Always show love and kindness: Pets dislike being handled roughly. Dogs can be trained to tolerate it; however, it is advisable that your children should know when they are likely to hurt the dog. Tell them to be cautious while climbing stairs, tell them not to step on them and not to scream in front of them as they are sound sensitive. Loud noises can hurt its ears. Sometimes hugging can alsnnoy the dog. Gestures like pinching, tugging ears or tails can be annoying,

It is important to choose the right breed of  pet especially dogs and cats to stay with your family.  While training your pet, educate your children how to behave them. During this time ,your child also learns certain character traits which are otherwise needed in their daily lives. Encourage your child to bond with them as dogs are believed to be man’s best friend.

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