5 Common Xerox Printer Issues and How to Fix Them?

by Wendy Murphy Tech Consultant
Xerox is one of the largest manufacturers of high-end printers that come with stunning design and excellent features. Further, the company offers printers for both home and office use, and it provides products like office printers, desktop printers, multifunction printers, etc. Xerox printers ease your printing job and allows you to have best quality printouts.

While technology makes your life easier, it might turn ugly if everything doesn't go well. Although Xerox offers high-end printing machines, like any common electronic device, these machines are also prone to some technical glitches. Hence, users may encounter issues with their Xerox printers. Any hardware or software-related problems with your device is not only frustrating but also it consumes you time and money.

Moreover, you can get in touch with Xerox technical help reps to find solutions to your issues. But sometimes, instead of waiting for tech reps to pick up your call, there are some simple troubleshooting procedures that you can follow to fix your printer issues. Here in this article, we have highlighted some common technical glitches that users may face with their Xerox printer, along with their quick solutions.

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1. Slow Printing

It is quite embarrassing to spend a lot of time in printing an important project when you need it urgently. There could be several factors that may slowdown print time including printer memory issue, a high-resolution setting, and/or selection of drivers.

With respect to data, a high-resolution image is usually too heavy to be processed by your computer and printer. So, it can take more time to process the image. Thus, it results in slow printing time. In case you don't wish to get gallery quality, then choose standard, normal or draft mode for office documents. And for formal or presentation pieces, set the settings to high-quality again. In case it is a part of your regular workflow to process large files with complex images, add more memory to get printing with speed.

Use simplex mode instead of two-sided printing. Although, it takes more paper, but one-sided printing requires less time for printing.

The printing speed also depends on your printer driver. There are some choices for drivers for high-end laser printers, and even some inkjet printers, the choices include PCL, PostScript, and/or the host-based driver of the manufacturer. In general, PostScript is best for graphics intensive industries and applications and PCL is better for faster office printing.

2. Paper Jam Issue

Any paper stuck in your printer and you aren't able to print? Paper jam is a real nightmare in printing job. You can find instructions in your printer's user manual to remove jammed paper. In fact, to resolve paper jamming issue, some Xerox printers provide video guidance as well as lighted interiors that help remove jammed papers. Check the paper path and remove any jammed material. Be careful and bring out the paper straight without tearing it. In case the paper is caught between rollers, refer to the guide to know how to release the pressure.

If a misaligned paper causes the jam problem, remove the tray to ensure that the paper is correctly positioned and then reseat the tray. Many a times you might see that there are no misfed sheets at all. If this is the case, you need to clear off the paper stack. Check if the sheet is squared properly and then reposition it again in the tray.

You should always ensure to check that the type of paper you are using to print is supported by your printer. Also, make sure to store paper on a dry place in order to avoid moisture as it may cause difficulty in printing.

3. Bad Printing Issue

Although your printer is working absolutely fine, but printout seems ugly. Poor image quality, smudges, or faded type printouts make all documents very unprofessional and sloppy.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for better quality printing. In case you still face the problem, this might be due to hardware issues.

  • Examine your printer driver and ensure that you have selected the correct media or paper to be printed.
  • Next, carefully inspect that the type of paper you've selected in the printer driver matches with the paper you've loaded in the tray.
  • Some laser printers offer the fuser for the adjustment of paper type. If you are able to adjust your printer’s fuser manually, then make sure that it’s properly configured, but be cautious about fusers as they get very hot.
  • Inspect your imaging unit(s), toner cartridges, and the fuser for any damage. It's better to refer a User Guide as these components may differ according to the manufacturer and model.
  • In case you are getting smudge marks, print more than one blank sheets of paper. After a few prints, the marks will go away eventually.

4. Printer Isn't Printing

This is another big problem for printer users. In this case, printer doesn't print anything. Try the following troubleshooting guide to fix this issue.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are sending the print command to the correct printer. Possibly, you are correctly printing dozens of documents in another department. In order to make sure that main printer is selected as default, go to Printers and Faxes in Windows®. Then right-click the printer icon which you want to use then choose Set as default printer to make it your default printer.

Make sure that you have loaded the correct papers in the tray as specified in the printer driver settings. Also, ensure that while printing your printer is on, and all cables are properly connected and not loose. Whether you have a network or USB-connected printer, you need to install the print driver on your machine to start printing. You can easily get information on what might be causing the issue via driver or desktop notifications in case of Print drivers that come with a two-way communication feature. You won't need a trip to the printer to find the reason of the problem.

If your printer isn't printing documents or your print command stuck in the print queue, restarting the device is the simplest solution to this problem. Start by restarting the print application. If this doesn't solve the problem, reboot your PC. Also, turn off the printer for few minutes, then turn it on again.

5. Outdated Printer Technology

It is seen quite often that you own a printer for a very long time and it's has all the configurations you exactly you want. You may find some technical glitches in your printer like grating noise, collating problem, etc.

You should accept the fact that while you may be attached to your printer, it costs you heavy in terms of time, money, and job efficiency if you use outdated printers. And you need to replace it with a modern and more efficient printer. Consider changing your outdated printer with a brand new one.

If you are still not able to fix printer-related problems, you can contact Xerox printer tech support number for instant help. You can find solutions to all kinds of Xerox printer issues with the help of skilled and experienced tech professionals.


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