5 Common Plumbing Emergencies

by FORD’S Plumbing & Heating Plumbing Contractors Los Angeles

Every homeowner knows that plumbing problems will keep happening now and then and there's no escaping it. Every homeowner also knows that plumbing issues can happen anytime and some issues need immediate solution because if they are not fixed timely, they can cause serious damage to property and other contents inside it, as well as personal safety of the occupants of the building. There's a significant difference between a plumbing problem and plumbing emergency. Plumbing emergencies can only be fixed by a licensed and competent 24 hour plumber Culver City.

This article is composed of an intention to provide useful information to readers about five common plumbing emergencies. Read on to know more about them.

1. Clogged toilets and drains: Blocked toilets and drains are a common occurrence that happens because of minor or major obstruction caused by accumulated substances in the drain or sewer pipes. These substances build up over time to cause the major clog. Annual cleaning and maintenance of drain and sewer pipes go a long way in reducing the chances of sudden and unexpected blockages which need to be fixed quickly and efficiently by emergency plumbers. Apart from being unhygienic and nuisance, many people do not realize it that leaking drain and toilet pipes may also cause wood rot of floorboards and the surrounding structure. You can use a plunger or a plumbing snake to dislodge the blockage. If it still persists, call emergency plumber Culver City to solve the issue efficiently.

2. Burst pipe: Burst pipe results in water gushing out rapidly which can flood your home within a matter of few minutes. Do not panic in such a situation. Shut off the main valve to minimize the damage and turn on the cold water taps to drain the pipes. Call the 24-hour plumber who will need to repair or replace the damaged pipe.

3. Frozen pipe: In extremely cold weather conditions, water inside the pipes can freeze which can lead to burst pipe as water expands when it freezes. Exposed pipes can be insulated, or you can leave faucets on a slow trickle as running water does not freeze as easily. Avoid using open flame or any fast heat source which cause the sudden change in temperature, thus resulting in the burst pipe.

4. Sewer system back up: Multiple blocked drains, gurgling toilets, water back up in the basement, foul odors from drains are all signs of sewage back up. Call a professional emergency plumber because this type of plumbing issue can be a serious health hazard. Also, it can be costly to repair if not dealt with timely.

5. Broken water lines: Plumbing emergencies are not always caused by water lines inside your home. They can be caused by underground water lines which lead to your home. These lines can also corrode, break or crack, thus resulting in water pooling in the basement, reduced water pressure, etc. If you suspect a broken water line, you should call a reliable and expert emergency plumber so that it can be resolved as soon as possible.

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