Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Definitely A Better Choice

by FORD’S Plumbing & Heating Plumbing Contractors Los Angeles

Sewer problems are common for homeowners and it can be very annoying as well as disturbing in the sense that beautiful and expensive landscaping may be dug up, swimming pool may be damaged and yards all messed up due to trenching for sewer repair. Homeowner is stuck in the middle of nowhere as he has to bear the heavy costs of sewer repair as well as restoring landscaping and yards after the digging work has been done. Thanks to advanced technology, trenchless sewer repair has eliminated the need to do heavy and intrusive digging.

Also called as 'no-dig' repair method, this plumbing method does not involve digging up your trenches and destroying beautiful yards. In the place of digging trenches, all that is done is digging of 1 or 2 sewer access holes near the entry and exit points to get access to the sewer pipe. State of the art equipments are used to carry out repairs or relining of the damaged sewer lines. The common perception among many people is that since trenchless sewer repair method involves the use of latest tools and equipment, it is expensive as compared to traditional way of sewer repair.

But the fact is that it is not expensive as many people think it to be. Why? Because when you consider all the cost of digging trenches, sewer repair, and restoring ruined landscaping and yards, you'll find eventually find that the total cost of trenchless sewer replacement may be less than the traditional method. No more digging trenches, no more ruined yards, no more extra time consumed, so less labor time involved and less labor costs. Besides, when you look at its overall advantages you will agree with most homeowners who are now preferring this type of method to repair their sewer drains.

To begin with, the most obvious advantage that trenchless sewer repair offers is that is far more quicker, efficient, time saving, and value-for-money sewer repair, not to mention the tidiness. No digging means no trenching, which means that your plants, flowers, fencing, driveway, etc, will remain intact. Just think of the mess that will be left if any of these features are damaged during the process of digging up your sewer lines. This is the reason why so many homeowners are now using this method because they realize the advantage of using latest technology for sewer repair.

Traditional method of trenching is a long process that involves days of digging and other work such as disabling gas, electrical, and other underground pipelines. This could mean that your whole domestic life is disrupted because you may face a lot of difficulty without electricity, water heating, and gas. But trenchless sewer does not need any of these to be disabled as you can go around doing your domestic chores with considerable ease.

You can contact a reputable and professional plumbing contractor for having a trenchless water repair at reasonable rates. Not every plumbing contractor offers this type of service, but only a well-established and certified ones who is in this field since 1963.

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