5 common microwave problems requiring professional repair service

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The cooktop and stove are the primary kitchen appliances, but no kitchen is complete without an efficiently working microwave. The microwave offers many benefits and convenience to the homeowner as it heats your food quickly and saves a lot of time. For most people, a microwave is a simple tool, however, like all other home and kitchen appliances, it also requires timely maintenance and repair. You can anytime call Lg Microwave Service Indore to get your microwave repair.

There are several problems that your microwave can face, so it's important to know the most common microwave problems. Only this way you can repair the issues.

Here is a list of 5 most common microwave problems

1. Microwave nor running

The most common problem that you can face with your microwave is that it stops running in the middle of any event. This can happen because of any simple or a more complex problem. Make sure that your microwave is plugged in properly. Also, check whether the electrical outlet is providing electricity or not. If there is a problem in the outlet and it's not providing electricity, you need to take the help of professional technicians. If the thermal fuse is broken then also your microwave will not run. So, no matter if you are not able to diagnose the problem, as soon as your microwave stops running, call repair service providers immediately.

2. Microwave Runs But Don't Heat

If your microwave runs properly but is not heating, it's useless for you. However, you can fix this issue easily. Generally, this problem can be because of the high voltage diode of the microwave or due to the magnetron. So, if there is a problem with any of the parts you can get them replaced. You may need assistance from LG Service Center in Palasia to properly solve this problem.

3. Microwave Touchpad Is Not Responding

The touchpad of your microwave allows you to operate a variety of cooking functions. If the touchpad is not working, you will not be able to use the appliance. fault in the touchpad can be because of a faulty membrane switch. This problem can also occur because of default in the control board. As both of these components are complex, homeowners cannot fix it on their own and calling expert microwave repair technicians will be a wise option.

4. Microwave Tray Won’t Turn

Almost every microwave has a tray which steadily turns when in use. However, if the tray is not turning it can be because of poorly cooked food. The reason why the tray won't turn can be a broken drive motor that provides rotating motion. So, replacing the motor will solve the problem. Such a problem requires professional technicians to help.

5. Microwave Making Noise

A normal noise by the appliance is common because it indicates that the appliance is in operation. However, if your microwave is making excessive noise, there is some kind of problem. Noise can be because of a faulty driver motor, cooling fan or a roller guide. You must enlist assistance from experts at LG Service Center in Kanadia Rd.


You must know that most of the microwaves last for approximately 10 years. So, you must maintain it well otherwise you may require to buy a new appliance anytime. Taking microwave repair service from the professionals is the best option in this case.

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