5 Common Causes Of Hair Loss - Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

by Jennifer R. Freelancer

Hair loss is extremely common for both men and women and there can be many reasons as to why you experience it. For men, it can be more common due to male pattern baldness but women can experience it too. Luckily, there are ways to treat this and natural solutions are available. Some of the causes can be quite surprising to some so it’s good to know what these are.


Stress can come in all forms and over time, when it’s becoming a regular occurrence it can have a physical effect on you too. This can be especially typical when you have a traumatic experience such as a car accident. Hair has a life cycle which can be interrupted by such experiences and causes the hair to enter the “shredding phrase”. This is the last part of the hair cycle where the hair begins to deteriorate. The phases before this are the growth and rest phase.

Protein Deficiency

The basic functions of protein are for growth and repair within the body. This includes growth repair too. When you don’t get enough protein in your system, the body may choose to favour other parts to utilise the protein over your hair, and so it doesn’t allow it to grow. There are a variety of foods that protein can be found including fish, meat and eggs. For those who don’t eat meat or any form of an animal, there are alternatives.

Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss is also a form of traumatic experience, similar to stress. If you’re putting your body through too much stress because you wish to lose weight, it can affect your vitamin and mineral levels in the body even though weight loss can be good for you. Hair loss and noticeable weight loss can also be a form of eating disorder like anorexia.


Although it’s great to look good, over-styling your hair through different techniques can have negative effects in the future. For example, cornrows and braiding can be harsh to your hair and their roots as the hairs are being pulled tightly to form the relevant style that’s required. Similarly, hair straighteners and hot-oil treatments make the hair thinner because it’s being burnt. If it affects the roots there’s a risk your hair won’t grow back.

There are always methods available to help restore or at least prevent common causes of hair loss. These can range from cosmetic treatments to having a balanced diet. There are plenty of resources available online that can help treat it or you can ask for information from your local walk-in centre.

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