5 Best Weapons for PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

by Hayate Abul Digital Marketing

Zombie: Survive till dawn event is one of the most exciting and recent modes that came with PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. It is excellent for honing your killing skills and practice winning matches. The zombies keep coming in various frequencies from time to time, and you have to eliminate them as well as other enemies with your weapons to stand till last. You can use all the survival skills, but if you do not have an ideal weapon, it will be hard for you.

Let’s have a look at the top weapons to use in zombie mode:

1. Flamethrower

Turn the zombies into ashes in seconds with the use of the Flamethrower. It offers a range of 10-meter and runs through gas bottles, which are there in dead zombies create in the game. This classic weapon delivers around 200 damage per second to zombies and 45 damage to average players in the game. Though, you can’t use Flamethrower in a moving vehicle and go prone while using it. Neither, the use of scope is allowed with Flamethrower.

2. M134 Minigun

M134 Minigun is another special gun available in the zombie mode. It is a rotary machine gun that has a high rate of fire – around 200 shots in one cartridge – and uses 7.62mm bullets to operate. The damage of the M134 Minigun is 46 and 20 rounds per second fire rate. The drawbacks are the same Flamethrower, which means you can’t use it in a movie vehicle as well go prone. Still, the impact of the gun is best.

3. Micro Uzi

The zombies approach to kill you from all directions. And you need to have a weapon with quick fire rate. This SMG helps kill zombies swiftly in the game. But you can’t use a scope with the Micro Uzi.

4. AKM

You might have used this assault rifle in the regular game and have hands-on experience on it. This gun is not reliable for long-range fight due to high recoil but provides excellent damage in the close range. With the use of 7.62mm bullets, it is outstanding when it comes to zombie encounters as well.

5. Zombie Grenade

If the enemy in the game is approaching towards you, throwing a zombie grenade is the best solution. It is destined to generate more zombies around the enemy and helpful in distracting others. Other than this, you can use S12K, Tommy gun, M16A4, Scar-L, and even knife at times to kill the zombies and enemies in the game. Collect zombie vaccines as much as you can to restore your health quickly and stay longer in the game!

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