4 Ways to Prevent Cancer

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The big word C (cancer) has become very common all over the world. It affects people of all age, gender or country. Cancer is termed as a disease that multiplies itself out of control and affects other tissues as well. While there has been no known cause for cancer, you can adopt a healthier lifestyle and prevent this disease.

Also, there is no treatment for cancer, but there are some reputable oncologists who can give you a better life if diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, instead of looking for treatment, why not prevent it at an early stage?

1. Say no to Tobacco
Using tobacco in any form puts you on a high risk of getting cancer. Smoking is related to different types of cancer, including lung, mouth, pharynx, larynx, cervical and kidney. Chewing tobacco also results in oral and mouth cavity cancer. Even when everyone is aware of these results, tobacco is hard to quit. It contains a substance called nicotine that gets you hooked on to tobacco for a long time. But, you can always quit or start by reducing your consumption. While smoking and chewing is bad for your health, even passive smoking has been linked to cancer. You can join various addiction programs, join support groups, take help of your friends and family and work towards quitting this ugly habit. You could also take some safe supplements to help you quit faster after doctor's recommendation.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet
The best cancer doctor in Mumbai recommends a leafy vegetable diet for a healthy life. A healthy diet doesn’t necessarily guarantee cancer prevention but helps to reduce its risk. Eat whole fruits and vegetables in your everyday food. Consume a lot of nuts and legumes to stay healthy and reduce the risk of cancer. Also, you should limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Even processed meat is associated with cancer and should be avoided.

3. Be Physically Active

The best kidney specialist in Lucknow recommends any form of physical exercise for at least four days a week. You could jog, walk, do yoga, Zumba or any form of sport. It will keep you physically active and keep your weight in control. A leaner and fitter body has a lesser risk of cancer and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

4. Use a Sunscreen
Skin cancer is very common and could be prevented with some simple tips. You need to apply sunscreen whenever you step out. Stay in the shade as much a possibility if your skin is very sensitive to the sun. You could also cover the exposed parts of your body and avoid exposure. You should also avoid tanning beds and sunlamps as it is as bad as getting exposed to direct sunlight. These may look very common tips, but if you practice these in your everyday life, your chances of getting cancer are naturally reduced. You may use a sunscreen with 30 SPF for more effective results.

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