4 Ways Indoor Mapping Can Improve Social Distancing Strategies

by Hayden Brown Tech Blogger
Indoor maps are not a new term for the world. Various organizations are using indoor maps to enhance services and improve customer satisfaction. Indoor maps enable various features that help in making management easy. The concept of indoor mapping is very similar to outdoor digital maps that were enabled with the help of the Global Positioning System. These systems are being utilized to carry out various important tasks around the world. Indoor positioning systems are being used in large indoor spaces where Global Positioning systems can not reach. These spaces also need a high level of management systems and proper customer service to carry out tasks inside a building without any problems. The first step to that would be getting an indoor map. 

Indoor maps consist of detailed information about various locations of the building. This task is done with the help of an indoor map maker. Many indoor map provider companies in the market also set up indoor positioning systems. It is a good idea to have an indoor positioning system with an Indoor map for you to get a lot of features that can make a huge difference in your services. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation since 2020, there have been huge drops in the market. Since various services could not function due to restrictions on the social gatherings. Today, things are getting better slowly and businesses are looking for ways to reopen. Indoor maps can help in creating social distancing strategies in various ways. Indoor Mapping will become an important part of all businesses in the coming years. Here are ways Indoor Mapping can help improve social distancing strategies

Plan and visualize indoor space

Before reopening your office, you would want to set up everything in a way that is convenient for all employees as they follow social distancing strategies. With the help of indoor maps, you can easily visualize the interior of your building and plan the plot and move elements that need to be improvised. You will be able to visualize how your employees or visitors will move in the space as they follow the social distancing protocols. 

Density Management 

You can manage how crowded specific areas are with the help of indoor maps. You can plan areas and spaces in such a way that you avoid crowding. This is important in places where a lot of people move in and out. You can create a distributed workspace for each employee and have the density in control. An indoor map can help you modify the space digitally. 

Quick Updates

An indoor map enables you to make quick changes to digital maps and update them quickly. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort. You can also let all your workers and visitors know about the update through notifications. You can remap, reorganize and improvise quickly and make suitable changes based on the result of analysis reports. 

Restrict Areas

You can create restricted areas for certain places that are off-limits for employees and visitors. To follow the social distancing protocol, you will have to restrict some parts of the workspace. This can be done by redistricting areas to employees so they maintain distance for safety. You can alert your employees about the restricted areas by sending out notifications. 

There are various ways in which indoor maps can improve services for organizations and it’s highly recommended for organizations that are planning to open up their services during this time. Many companies provide indoor intelligence services, a lot of them depend on hardware installations. Mapsted is one of the best companies in the world that provide indoor positioning solutions without any hardware installations. 

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