4 Things To Consider Before Hiring React Developers For Your Company

by Chris E. Business Brand Executive

ReactJS is a Javascript library that is extensively used for front-end development. On the other hand, React Native is a framework of Java that is used for creating high-end iOS and Android applications. In order to build such an app, it is mandatory for you to hire an experienced react native development services. But first, let's explore the four major things which you should consider before hiring the right developers for your next ReactJS or React Native app development project.

1. Hiring React Developers For Building Mobile Or Web Development: ReactJS is a Javascript library that is used to build web applications. With the help of this library, developers create apps where the data is dynamic within the view and changes without reloading the page. Facebook is its one of the most popular examples. ReactJS uses CSS, HTML, and Javascript to build reusable UI components.

  • On the contrary, React Native is a platform that is used for mobile app development. It provides with the basic elements to develop UI for Android and iOS applications. Some of its most popular examples are TabBar, Navigator, ScrollView, etc.
  • Hence, before hiring React developers you must check whether you want developers to build web or mobile apps.

2. Evaluate The Skillset Of The React Developers: By considering your specific requirements for building a web or mobile application, you have to assess the skills and experience of the potential React developers. Here are some of the most needed skills these developers should have:

3. ReactJS Developers: The skillset of ReactJS developers is very much similar to front-end developers. In accordance with your unique needs, you can evaluate the following skills of potential ReactJS developers.

  • In-depth knowledge of CSS, HTML, and Javascript.
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors like SaSS and LESS.
  • Basic knowledge of frameworks such as React, AngularJS, Ember, etc.
  • Expertise in Javascript libraries like Backbone.js or jQuery.
  • Know-how of front-end (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap.
  • Skills for XML (AJAX) and Asynchronous Javascript.

When you are looking for a master developer, then make sure that the potential professionals' skillset is a mix of front-end technologies and back-end technologies, such as familiarity with stacks like LAMP or MEAN or knowledge of server-side technologies such as Ruby, Java, Node, Etc.

4. React Native Developers: Most of the technical expertise needed to develop an app with React Native is similar to ReactJS. But, some of the additional skills needed are as follows:

  • Basic knowledge of Flux design pattern or relevant libraries such as MobX, Redux, Fluxxor, etc.
  • Experience in using Java-based build tools like Grunt, Bower, Gulp, etc.
  • Expertise in unit testing with Karma or Jest.
  • In-depth knowledge of all the expertise of ReactJS.

5. Give Test Projects To Assess The Skillset Of Potential React Developers: After examining the skillset and screening the candidates on the basis of the initial interview, make sure to provide the remaining candidates with test projects in order to examine their skills in the real environment. With the help of the results of the test projects, you can easily figure out whether the potential React developers follow the best practices and guidelines needed for app development.

6. Introduce Your Project To The React Developers: After assessing the results, make sure that you introduce the remaining React developers to the type of your project, domain, timeline, scalability, etc. Give them a brief about your project and its scope and deliverables so that they can easily determine their availability and ability for the same. You should give a demo of your project to the potential React developers in order to make them aware of the work they are expected to perform in the future.

React Native and ReactJS both are important for building high-end mobile and web applications. Get in touch with an efficient react native development company who has the required expertise and experience in delivering projects for the technology.

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