4 Reasons to Love Hybrid Solar Inverters

by Rob J. Quality Links

As a consumer of solar power, you want to get the most out of your solar system. You want it to be as efficient as possible, and you want to be able to rely on it at all times. This means it’s especially important that you choose the right solar inverter. Here are a few reasons hybrid solar inverters are the best option for homeowners.

1. You Can Store Excess Solar Power

All solar inverters perform the role of making solar power usable for your home. They take the DC (direct current) generated by your solar panels and transform it into AC (alternating current) for consumer use. Beyond that, however, the inverter determines the degree to which your solar system is connected to the city’s grid. As opposed to grid-tie inverters, hybrid solar inverters are connected to the grid, but they’re also outfitted with batteries. This enables you to draw from your home’s solar power even at night or when it’s cloudy.

2. Your Battery Stores Off-Peak Power

Because your solar panels generate the most energy during the day when you’re not home, you’re less likely to be able to use that power while it’s at its cheapest. When you need energy the most is in the evenings when utility companies can charge peak rates. Having a battery makes it possible to avoid those expensive nighttime charges.

3. Backup When You Need It

Blackouts could happen anywhere at any time. Some parts of the country, however, are especially vulnerable. If you live someplace where heavy storms are prevalent or that can be affected by brushfires, you might have to tolerate blackouts that could last for days. With a hybrid solar system, you have a source of backup power in your home that you can draw from when the grid is unable to deliver.

4. They’re Better for the Environment

If you have solar power, then you know how important it is that we as a society cut back on our burning of fossil fuels. If you have a traditional grid-tie solar system, you’ll have to use power from the grid from time to time. By being able to use a battery for power when the sun’s not out, you can liberate yourself from the city’s grid, and from the dirty fuels, it relies on to provide power.

If you’re installing a solar system for your home, consider hybrid inverters. Hybrid solar inverters make it possible for you to take advantage of all the benefits that solar power has to offer.

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