4 Indian Biryani Recipes That You Must Try Once in Life

by Rohit Bumrah Writter

Biryani – the very mention of this word makes anyone’s tongue and mouth drooling with the thought of burst of flavours. Biryani is a holy grail dish of all rice lovers and love to gorge on traditional Indian dishes that are packed with appeasing flavours.

Biryani made of best basmati rice is a heaven for all taste lovers and even for those who don’t like eating too much of rice. However, India is a country of vivid flavours and different styles of cooking and thus, biryani in every part of India tastes different from the other.

Here are 5 lip-smacking Indian biryani dishes that you must taste at least once in lifetime;

Lucknowi Biryani:

Straight from the streets of old Lucknow and the bylanes, Lucknowi Biryani is one scrumptious dish that is a must try and cook for every food lover. It is prepared using the best basmati rice and is cooked separately with whole spices and the marinated chicken with oil, spices, yoghurt, and oil is combined later by layering over the rice. Cooking biryani by this technique brings out the maximum flavour in the dish and makes it a totally unmissable one.

Hyderabadi Biryani

A little different from the above, Hyderabadi biryani is more aromatic and savoury and packs a punch of bold flavours. Marinated chicken with oil and spices is cooked separately and rice along with whole spices is cooked till al dente. The two are combined later in a heavy-bottomed pan and layered with coriander, mint leaves, fried onions, clarified butter, saffron-infused milk, and kewra water. The mix is sealed with a dough and cooked on lowest flame for 30-40 minutes till chicken turns tender. This hugely popular Indian biryani dish is served with yoghurt and picked onions.

Kolkata Biryani

A signature Bengali dish, this is one of the must-try Biryani dishes across the country. Though made by layering the cooked rice with cooked and tender mutton, Kolkata biryani has two distinct features that makes it different from the rest. Use of boiled eggs and potatoes are is signature elements that make it special. The appetizing dish is packed with flavours and spices but is usually a bit sweet and milder than the above two.

Mughlai Biryani

Just as the name, Mughlai Biryani originated in the kitchens of Mughals and packs a whole bunch of rich and royal ingredients like cashew paste, dry fruits, saffron, almonds, ghee, and more. Tender chicken pieces spiced to perfection are cooked with whole spices, best basmati rice, saffron, and other ingredients on low flame till an aromatic biryani is cooked. This is a must-try biryani dish for all rice lovers.

Apart from the above, Malabar biryani, Thalassery biryani, Bhatkali biryani, and Awadhi biryani are some of the other must-try biryani dishes in India that are cooked with best basmati and exude boundless flavours. If you’ve made a mental note of cooking these biryani recipes at home and wondering which basmati rice is good, make sure you bring home Daawat Biryani basmati rice that is aged for 2 years to make your biryanis aromatic and flavourful.

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