4 Effective Ways to Promote Joint and Ligament Health

by Michael Grey An expert orthopedic and chief medical researcher

Want to know how to take care of your joint health and continue staying active even in your 60s? Read this article to know the hacks on improving your joint conditions.


Everyone wants to enjoy their life to the fullest even when he or she has reached the age bar of the 60s. Weaker joints accompanied by the inability in making physical movements restrain them from doing so. This article is all set to give you the right directions which you need to follow to keep your joint health in the best condition even when you are ageing. 

Walking and moving with utmost ease, running with kids, grandchildren, and going for a stroll in the park with your furbabies are the dreams of every elderly which very few get to fulfill.  Reason? Pain, discomfort and distress in their joints rising from conditions like Arthritis or any other joint problem. 


So, how to deal with these problems and live life the way you want to while in your 60s?  The answer is right here. Below are the 4 important and effective ways to lessen your joint pain and enhance physical mobility. 


Make Dynamic Movements

Any kind of ligament or joint discomfort can be eliminated through counterproductive exercises. Although your age might not permit you to do rigorous workout or practices, you can follow some dynamic training sessions that focus on promoting your resistance power. Water aerobics, yoga, swimming, dancing, walking are a few examples of such activities. You can certainly benefit from these exercises as they strengthen muscles and enhance body flexibility.


Bath practice with Epsom Salt 

This is a very organic and relaxing way of treating joint pain and fighting ligament tension. Epsom salt acts as a relaxing and a detoxifying agent and is rich in Magnesium which is beneficial for cartilage functioning. Epsom salt is a therapeutic salt which gets absorbed easily by your skin and relaxes the muscle areas surrounding the joints.  This way it helps in reducing inflammation and muscle spasms, thus giving you immense relief from pain. 


Quality sleep is important

Adequate and proper sleep is not only required for maintaining joint and ligament health but is also necessary for your general health. The more time you spend on sleeping, the more your body gets to relax, repair and recuperate. Always try to lay on your back as much as possible during your bedtime because it keeps the spine in the straight position. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks, sugar or heavy meals before going to sleep because they tend to disturb your sleep. 


Take Supplements along with healthy food

Maintaining a healthy diet is vital for muscles, joints and ligaments. A diet that includes vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat will undoubtedly provide you with lots of vitamins, calcium, minerals and proteins. However, there are certain exceptional healthy components that this diet fails to provide you but are absolutely essential for your joint support. Joint supplements containing glucosamine chondroitin and MSM are very much effective in treating inflammatory issues in joints and ligaments. 


By making simple modifications in your everyday life schedule, you can actually make your life more happening and active. If you are in your 50s or 60s and are facing mild difficulties and discomfort while moving, then adapt yourself to these above-mentioned methods to see if they bring any difference in your joint health. 


Michael Grey is a Marketing Manager at Healthy Joints System, a distinguished supplier of joint supplements like Glucosamine chondroitin MSM joint complex that aims to eliminate joint pain and discomfort of the elderly people.

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