3D Printing: A Crucial Component of Why Dentistry is on the Highway to Advancements

by Edward Thomas I am a blogger.

We all know about 3D printing in the medical industry. Whether it is creating medical tools that fit requirements, measuring implants, and constricting prosthetics, 3D printing is everywhere and is helping healthcare providers save lives every single day.

How many would have known that this very same 3D Printing is taking over the dentistry sector of healthcare? As oral health awareness and oral care grow, dentistry also takes its part. Dentists' appointment, without a doubt, is the most dreaded days for 90% of the people and the other 10% were most probably the same when they began meeting a dentist.

Though this is the case scenario, surveys say more people want to meet the dentists in recent years. Every American visits the dentists at least twice a year, though the experience is dreaded.

Now that we know how important dentists care for patients, we must also know how crucial dentists are to the economy and other economic activities. There is a multitude of businesses out there that is solely dependent on dentists, this is why companies construct Dentist Email List or other marketing channels that get them to connect with dentists more efficiently.

With dentists and dentistry being the root element for the majority of businesses, it still is growing at an incredibly fast pace, one great example of that is 3D Printing. Let us get in-depth to an important advancing component in dentistry.

3D Print Braces:

Aligners that were once very hard to make is now a piece of cake. Aligning teeth has become a necessity for every individual. Let us first get to know how it all started. A college student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology created his aligners! Exactly, it was just as shocking to everyone else. This student could not afford a traditional set of braces, so he ended up 3D printing his braces.

The student's DIY Version of the aligners was a great start to 3D Printed braces in the industry. He built the set of braces by himself with models of his teeth and a Strategy 3D printer.

Dental Implants that are 3D Printed:

A 3D model can be created to replace a tooth. Missing teeth aren't a hard task to fill up now. Traditional methods were long and exhaustive leading to loss and wastage of time. 3D prints have led dentists to make a 3D model which can be the best result and on-point for replacement.

In China, there is an autonomous 3D dental implant intervention that has a robot that can lead an implant surgery by itself, with the help of 3D prints.

3D Printed Crowns:

It is so far the most common use of 3D in dentistry. 3D printing allows the production of crown very quickly, and 60% faster than the traditional manufacturing time. This process is time-saving, and the professional can modify and reprint the crown if there are any mistakes.

All this process need is a scan, and the work here is complete. It also eases the time of dentists and the extra work for the patients who need to travel back and forth.

Wrapping it up:

The mind-blowing new technologies such as virtual or augmented reality, 3D-printing, or CRISPR will revolutionize dentistry and our whole attitude towards oral health in the future.  Going to the dentist was one of the worst nightmares for every child, but the growing oral health awareness is getting to a point where it has become a necessity.

3D Printers taking part in dentistry is just one of the largest changes happening in it. There are many more transformations in the field of dentistry that are reconstructing the industry. It is not just dentists alone that enjoy the growth of this industry it also includes patients, business partners, and the economy.

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