3 Steps to improve your Listening Skills

by Surbhi Singh Marketing Manger

You must have read about the tips and tricks of improving English speaking skills a hundred times. But today, we will discuss something that helps in forming the foundation of English language. And the special super power is - Your Listening skills !

This is how you learned your native language right ?

As a child, you heard people around yourself  talking in English and you started imitating them. 

So it is fair enough to say that Listening has a big, big role to play in improving your English. Listening is not just  associated with learning vocabulary but it also plays a big role in nurturing the language, helping you to turn sounds into words & turning those words into messages. 

But, the uphill climb is - Either  you’re not able to understand English or your mind is still in Maldives holidaying. This means you’re not able to listen attentively. 

Listening can be laborious, especially in a language that is not well understood by you or which requires extra effort to understand. To hold one’s patience and prick your ear while someone is speaking can be  quite challenging. The reason is listening is a time taking process. And you need  a lot of patience to take and process what you are listening to.

In this article, we are going to focus less on the academic side of listening and more on listening in real life.  And 3 steps on how you can start and developing your listening habits. 

Here we go ---------- >

  1. Pick easy sounds to start.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in English, if you want to improve your listening skills you must start listening to something that is easy for you to understand, you are able to comprehend well and you find it interesting. Regardless of what your age is, you can start with animated cartoons or Tv shows in British English.  Cartoon shows like Peppa Pig and Phineas and Ferb are some really hilarious shows that can help you to improve your English. However, if you think that watching cartoon is not your thing, I have a substitute for you - 

Watching  FRIENDS, Modern Family or The Crown can give you pactful vocabulary as well as a great and in depth understanding of the language. What you watch highly depends upon how much you understand.

If you pick up action movies, tv shows that have complicated sarcastically spoken English, you will hardly understand. You will start losing interest soon and gain nothing out of it. 

  1. An hour English Conversation.

An hour conversation with English speaker can help you improve your English to a great extent. Having a conversation means you are not just listening but also participating in it.  Listening and speaking go hand in hand. So, what's more helpful than this?

When you listen to someone who is already fluent in English, you will be able to acknowledge how the language is spoken, you get impressed by the speaker’s vocabulary and instantly start using them and also you have to respond to them. 

That one hour can be  one of the most productive times of your day and can do wonders to your language skills.

You may speak to any of your closest friends or a family member. If you want a English learning app to improve your English - Engvarta can be the best go -  to option. 

Engvarta application helps you to connect to live English Experts over phone call. You may have an hour-long conversation with Experts and listen to them to correct your mistakes. 

  1. Be Consistent. 

Consistency is the way to mastery. No matter what skills you want to acquire, doing a bit every day can add up to a lot. Let me explain to you why it is important for you to keep on listening English content everyday. The reason is you don’t have access to people around you where you can communicate with people talking in English. You don’t have an English speaking environment where you can listen to people. So, you need to be consistent in making an environment for yourself to practice English. And only when you do it everyday,you  will get accustomed to it. You will start to get familiar with the language and English won’t just be a ‘foreign language’ to you.

Listening attentively itself requires practice. If you want to improve your listening skills, you must learn how to be attentive too. 

And that’s how to improve your English using this wonderful skill ! 

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