3 Reasons To Choose A Collage Photo Blanket

by Debbie Heidmans The Memories Place

A lot of people nowadays want to personalise their gifts. They seek to be different from the others and carve out a niche for themselves. It is perhaps for this reason that traditional forms of gifts such a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates seem to be too careless an attempt for your loved one. If you truly want to show your love to a near and dear one, you have to make a bigger attempt and show your love through your gift. One way you can do this is by customising gifts in a way that showcases your love and brings out a side of the recipient as well.

While there are many ways one can customise his/her gifts, one method that is fast gaining popularity is that of customised Photo blankets. The idea involves getting memorable pictures printed on a blanket and gifting it to a loved one. The idea is popular for a variety of reasons. Not only is a photo blanket a great way to showcase one’s feelings but it also serves a lot of purposes. Given how obsessed our current generation is with taking pictures it’s not a surprise that this idea is so popular.

But when asked, many people answer that even though they like the idea of a woven photo blanket, they find it hard to choose a single picture for their blankets. Thinking about it, it does seem hard to fit all of our emotions and love into a single picture and hope that the recipient likes the idea. It is perhaps for this reason that a majority of people are choosing to get Collage woven photo blankets. While the initial idea is the same, collage photo blankets allow us to put in a large number of pictures together and get it printed on a blanket. To prove that such blankets can really be the ultimate gift for a loved one, we have put together a list of reasons why you should go for a collage photo blanket.

Colourful and unique:

Whereas normal woven Photo blankets are quite vibrant, they lack the sort of colour that a collage photo blanket has. The collage of numerous pictures looks exuberant and makes the blanket much more eye-catching to the recipient.

Easy to make:

While collage photo blankets are much favoured over normal photo blankets, the process involved in making the blankets is just the same. The only difference is the additional pictures on the blanket. One only has to choose the right pictures that go along well and get them printed on the blanket by an expert. While choosing the pictures, you should definitely choose the ones that are of a high quality and would add to the attractiveness of the blanket.

Serve a purpose:

Photo blankets are the hype that they are today not only because of its charm but rather because of the vast amount of utility attached to the blankets. Blankets serve a lot of purpose. We can use them to keep ourselves warm on cold winter nights by the fireplace. We can use them as decorating pieces in our homes. Or we may use them as throw rugs in our living rooms or bedrooms. Photo blankets simply add to the utility as they serve as a constant reminder of one’s love.

Given that these photo blankets are woven with the best quality wool, they also are the most comfortable while giving us the satisfaction that we are loved and cherished by our loved ones. You can buy the collage woven photo blankets for a lot of purposes-gift it to a childhood friend, buy one for your pet cat or simply buy a photo blanket for yourself with your favourite pictures. No matter what the purpose, photo blankets can be a friend to all of us.

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