3 Golden Rules to Treat Fine Lines & Wrinkles

by Kim Gill Writer

Aging is undeniable. But, you can delay it. However, there is no rocket science, neither is there any magical pill that you just pop in and immediately see the noticeable difference. Flashy tag lines and loud promises in some fake advertisements attract you to spend some dollars. And, you follow them blindly.

This article spotlights what three golden rules are that can help you not to get trapped in the fake claims of liar advertisers who promise to treat fine lines and wrinkles overnight.

Buy 100% Cruelty Free Cosmeceuticals

·         Cruelty Free Cosmeceuticals

Cruelty free cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that claim to have medicinal properties, but have not been tested on animals. Simply put, these are the best skin products that are vegan and are generally healthier. For being consisted of no harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes, these have less likelihood to emerge fine lines, allergies, breakouts and inflammation.

·         Economic Wrinkle Treatment

Besides, you find high quality and amazingly affordable anti-wrinkle topical treatments from companies that do not test on animals, which have retinols or alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid, in a shoestring budget. Since these have not been tested on animals, the manufacturers save on money.

·         Ward Off Aging Signs Easily

You get a better and smarter choice to have budget-friendly incredible products that can promote cell turnover, lighten dark spots, help exfoliate the skin and ward off damage from free radicals. 

Hear What Cosmetic Doctor Recommends

·         Listen To What An Expert Says

Creases, droopy eyes and crow’s feet or nasolabial folds are a few aging signs that turn more pronounced with the age. However, you try to reverse it with anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments. Yet, it’s much more difficult, as you are not an expert dermatologist. So, it’s hard to find a cleanser or cream that can really bring a dramatic change, a lift that we expect on our surface.    

·         Find Expert & Veteran Doctor

If you’re not that much confident in selecting which one is good and worthy to undo aging effects, talk to an expert cosmetic physician. Moreover, there are some incredible websites like that can tell you which products have been tried and tested to meet the safety and other regulations of cosmetics and personal products. Even, seeing a cosmetic doctor like Sanjay Mohindra who has 30+ years of experience in the aesthetic treatment can prove a good idea.

·         Deeply Research Impactful Treatment

Besides, keep into account that the anti-aging injectables and products that assure results have a great impact on the structure or function of the body. Anti-wrinkle fillers, for instance, claimed to increase collagen production. The globally recognised agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tried and tested their impact. It has found them promising and result-oriented. However, many cosmetics do not make themselves to the list of failsafe products, which prompts these kinds of quality governing agencies issue a warning letter. This warning bans selling what is not backed by the aesthetic science.    

Ignore All Hyped Anti-Aging Tweaks  

·         No Single Product Reverses Age

For well being, you need the power of many nutrients. Likewise, there is no magical serum or filler or cream that alone can solve all anti-aging needs. It’s all wrong to believe on this saying. You need to have a balance in place, which can be a united power of dermal fillers and laser technique, let’s say.

·         No Plant Cell Regenerates Skin

Skin cells regeneration via plant’s stem cell has no scientific fact to prove it. There is no research available to prove the hearsays about regenerative effects of plant’s stem cells on human skin.  Indeed, these are too fragile to stay intact or unharmed in the skincare formulae. Even, your surface cannot allow them to penetrate as they are too large, according to experts. 

·        No Products Contain Collagen

Collagen is what our skin produces within. There is no single skincare product having it and lifting lines. The fact is that the collagen molecule itself is too large to enter the relatively tiny skin cells. On the flip side, it sits on the top of the surface without bringing any difference. 

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