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Share some Database Application Development 1Z0-148 exam questions and answers below.
Which statement is true about internal and external LOBs? 
A. An external LOB can be loaded into an internal LOB variable using the DBMS_LOB package. 
B. A NOEXIST_DIRECTORY exception can be raised when using internal and external LOBs. 
C. Internal and external LOBs can be written using DBMS_LOB. 
D. After an exception transfers program control outside a PL/SQL block, all references to open external LOBs are lost. 
E. When using DBMS_LOB.INSTR for internal and external LOBs, DBMS_LOB.OPEN should be called for each LOB. 
Answer: D,E

Which must be true in order to add RESULT_CACHE to a function header and have it compile successfully? 
A. The IN parameters must not include BLOB, CLOB, collection or record data types. 
B. The function must be created with invoker’s rights or in an anonymous block. 
C. The function must be declared as a pipelined table function. 
D. The function must have an OUT or an IN OUT parameter. 
Answer: C

Which two statements describe actions developers can take to make their application less vulnerable to security attacks? 
A. Include the AUTHID DEFINER clause in stored program units. 
B. Do not concatenate unchecked user input into dynamically constructed SQL statements. 
C. Switch from using DBMS_SQL to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE. 
D. Include the AUTHID CURRENT_USER clause in stored program units. 
E. Increase the amount of code that is accessible to users by default. 
Answer: B,D

Which two statements are true with respect to fine-grained access control? 
A. It is implemented by end users. 
B. It can be used to implement column masking. 
C. It implements security rules through functions and associates these security rules with tables, views or synonyms. 
D. Separate policies are required for queries versus INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements. 
E. The DBMS_FGA package is used to set up fine-grained access control. 
Answer: C,D

Which two blocks of code execute successfully? 
A. DECLARESUBTYPE new_one IS BINARY_INTERGER RANGE 0..9;my_val new_one;BEGINmy_val :=0;END; 
B. DECLARESUBTYPE new_string IS VARCHAR2 (5) NOT NULL;my_str_new_string;BEGINmy_str := ‘abc’;END; 
C. DECLARESUBTYPE new_one IS NUMBER (2, 1);my_val new_one;BEGINmy_val :=12.5;END; 
D. DECLARESUBTYPE new_one IS INTEGER RANGE 1..10 NOT NULL;my_val new_one;BEGINmy_val :=2;END; 
E. DECLARESUBTYPE new_one IS NUMBER (1, 0);my_val new_one;BEGINmy_val := -1;END; 
Answer: A,D

Which statement is true about the DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE package? 
A. DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE is a SYS-owned package and can be accessed only by a user with DBA privileges. 
B. To execute chunks in parallel, users must have CREATE JOB system privilege. 
C. No specific system privileges are required to create or run parallel execution tasks. 
D. Only DBAs can create or run parallel execution tasks. 
E. Users with CREATE TASK privilege can create or run parallel execution tasks. 
Answer: B

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