13 proven hacks to increase Twitter followers in 2020 – Part II

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In the continuation of our last article, discover the other eight proven hacks to improve your twitter followers. Let’s dive in:

6. Use Twitter as a customer service channel

Using a free online app maker to build an app is the first important step, but to promote it using Twitter, is another. Twitter has only 280 characters to tweet. And, tweeting under this limit will help you maximize the responsiveness on your channel.

Speaking of Twitter characters, let’s understand this first:

Twitter’s character limit demands that you need to be focused on relationship management. Your customers expect to get heard. Therefore, an honest and timely response can help you to retain them.

To give an effective Twitter response, you will need to:

Get prepared: Understand what customers want. Evaluate what they are sharing: a request or complaint? 

Are they talking about issues that went unresolved via company helpline? Do their tweets connect to your brand? Have they called or emailed you before sharing these tweets?

Put a social media response criterion in place. You cannot just forecast any type of issue that may arise. It is not possible. Create buckets where you can respond to the channel. Avoid having a response script because customers do not consider canned responses.

Always be agile: Create two twitter accounts – one to focus on marketing messages and positive engagements, and the other to deal with irate customers. You need to post precise response times. Users must know how long they will have to wait to get a response, particularly if it’s outside your business hours or over the weekend.

Give immediate response: Delegate individuals to handle the account. Educate them on everything concerning social approach and customer service. After a complaint has been made, customers usually expect a response within the first 30 minutes or less. They do not want to wait for long. Also, they do not want to involve in procedures where a manager has to take over the situation. Therefore, you need to empower your customer service staff.

Be proactive: Twitter can also be used as a bi-directional service channel. Through this channel, you can make customers aware of certain issues. Let your customers know about this by posting regular updates about these issues. Also, provide your level-best assurance that it is going to be resolved in an efficient and timely manner.

Show transparency: Customers want to know whom they are conversing with. Share details of the individual handling the account, for example, the name or initials.

Understand guidelines: The course of action during a disclosure must always be shared with customers. They should know what they can expect while interacting with the brand channel. Let them know what information they can and cannot share and how they can operate the account by using that information. You can share a link in the bio section.

7. Find your potential customers

Use Twitter to know the latest customer opinions, industry news, your competitor’s stance, and more. Create meaningful searches and save to review them later to set up an excellent social listening program.

The first step is to search for necessary high-level keywords. Take this search to the next level by playing around with features like relevant hashtags. You might need to go through several processes before you find one that fits in your case. There should be a fair amount of trial and error involved.

The second step requires you to save the search and keep checking in from time to time. You must watch the conversation to make sure no developments slip by you. Hit the save button and tune in to the results whenever you need it.

Followerwonk is a tool that can being used to analyze your Twitter account as well as your competitors’ accounts. That way, you can optimize your marketing strategy accordingly. This tool helps you explore and grow your social graph. It also allows you to see who’s following whose accounts. Additionally, Followerwonk lets you:

- Look for users through a specific trait or keyword.

- Analyze your Twitter followers, or who they are following, based on several metrics.

- Track followers as your Twitter campaign progress.

- Segregate followers or those who have followed them based on the name, number of days spent on Twitter, number of tweets, and more.

That way, you can enhance your Twitter presence and acquire more and better targeted Twitter followers.

8. Schedule your tweets 

Buffer app is a tool that allows you to schedule tweets to be posted at a future date and time. Once you have integrated it to add a post, article, or a quote, it will go out to your Twitter feed at pre-scheduled times of the day. This tool also lets you edit the post and its scheduled date and time.

One of the great features of the app is that you can check the status of your tweets, like you can see how many people clicked on your tweets or re-tweeted them, including the mentions and the overall influence of your posts.

9. Closely monitor trending hashtags

Look at trending topics and hashtags being used around you. This will help you find a way to make a strong connection with your brand. Simply by placing your business among trending topics, your Twitter following will increase when people search tweets about a specific hashtag.

Tagging your posts with a relevant and trending hashtag will help you acquire new users. However, you need to be careful when you are using hashtags. It is because sometimes Twitter might view them as spam, specifically when they are overused or tied to irrelevant content.

10. Get more customers through SMS follower feature

Hook up your offline customers using Twitter SMS subscription. You can use this feature with your online marketing drive. As mobile users are increasing day-by-day, they can quickly get SMS updates from your Twitter account if they have subscribed to it. However, they don’t need to have a Twitter account, though, to get a subscription.

Be cautious as people do not want to receive several hundred texts a day. The best way to use mobile subscriptions is to create a separate Twitter account for those mobile subscribers. Moreover, avoid sending more than 2 to 3 important messages each week. This would be a great way to stay connected with your prospective customers. Practically, it’s something like an offline mailing list.

11. Find employees through Twitter

Leverage your recruiting efforts using Twitter. Here’s how:

- Build your online companionship by getting into conversations.

- Make connections to get the idea.

- Include your corporate culture in the discussions to get engaged.

- Speak about your company and its products and services.

- Talk about your workplace even before reaching out to prospective recruits

By following these things on your Twitter handle, you can easily generate interest among people.

To do this in a good way, you need to search job-related hashtags in your job postings. And, it will help you to reach out to a wider audience. Also, monitor how your hashtags work in ongoing job-related activities.

12. Organize weekly Twitter chats and promote your hashtags

Twitter chats are the great extension of your hashtag driven marketing strategy. It is because these chats are tied to specific and original hashtags through which tweets are organized and tracked.

Follow these steps to have a successful chat:

- Set a preferred date and time when you know most of your followers will be online. You can determine this by looking at the time and days your followers re-tweet, comment on your posts or mark it as favorite.

- Choose a hashtag that has to be used every time a chat session is held between you and the users. Keep your hashtags short and concise, memorable, and unique. Do not use complicated hashtags like using symbols.

- Set up an itinerary to be a well-organized host of the posts. As people come from different circles and join the conversation randomly, they might go off-topic. Therefore, break down your Twitter chat into segments so that only certain topics can be discussed within a specified timeframe.

It’s time to announce and promote your chat using hashtags because it will help you bring in tweeters. You can start by sending reminders to them prior to the chat. Your conversation should be easy to understand, and the hashtag must be clearly labeled.

A management tool can help you monitor your chats even when it is live. You can test your hashtags before using them in your posts. When it’s all said and done, you can send a little thanks tweet to the participants to get them engaged in some post-production promotion.

13. Monitor your twitter analytics to check reach

Your twitter account has built-in analytics that let you grasp a good understanding of what resonates well with your audience, and what doesn’t. You can use the analytics dashboard to judge the best days to tweet, types of content favored the most by your audience, and specific demographics of followers you are attracting.

By considering these things, you can replicate what works and re-evaluate your posts that are not making the mark.

Wrapping up 

By now, you must have understood how you can increase your Twitter followers. However, for using this amazing social media channel, you need to build an app via WooCommerce mobile app builder for your online business.

An AppMySite app builder is a great tool to create your app for free and it will help you to embrace these amazing strategies.

If there is any tip you want to discuss with us, let’s talk about them in detail under the comment section. 

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