11 tips to retain your customers

by Rohit Singh Digital Marketing Expert

As important as getting new customers, is knowing how to retain those who have already bought from you. In addition to making a difference in your business, the cost of retaining them is lower than that of acquiring new ones, which is why it is so important that you have strategies for this.


Want some tips on how to retain your customers, to start applying to your business as soon as possible? Then check it out!


Why is it important to have strategies to retain customers?

What business would not like to have loyal customers, who buy and prefer your brand and products and, more than that, recommend it to friends and acquaintances?


There is no doubt that customers are the soul of the business, responsible for it to exist and making profits. And for this reason, it is important that you know how to retain your customers, through well-thought-out strategies that will really make a difference in your business.


11 tips on how to retain your customers

Having closer contact with your customer will be essential for you to start this longer-lasting relationship, making him/her become a loyal customer of your business.


And if you sell through social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, you can take advantage of this more direct contact with your customer, to have specific loyalty actions, which are not invasive (so you don't end up distancing your customer).


Check out some tips on how to retain your customers to start applying to your business right now.


Know your target audience well

The initial step is to get to know your customers very well: find out what they like, what they want, how they behave, what they expect, what they value, etc… The more you know, the better.


I say that this is the first step because, in addition to being important for the structure of your business in general, any strategy must be designed based on your target audience.  That's why it's so important to get to know him as much as possible.


Customer behavior (journey)

You already know that knowing your customer is essential. But, in addition, the more you know about the journey, that is, everything he did until he arrived at the moment of purchase (or almost purchase), the more you will be able to understand what he is looking for, what he is interested in and use it in a positive way. to generate an approximation.


If you sell on social media, keep an eye out for conversation records, products he is interested in, and content he interacts with the most. And, if you have a website, analyze the pages it went through, products it was interested in, etc. Then use this information to your advantage to start a closer and more personalized conversation.



The big difference in customer loyalty is undoubtedly in the after-sales service. The idea is that just selling is not enough. If your desire is to retain your customer, you need to be in contact with them all the time.


After the purchase, start by saying thank you. Then keep him abreast of the tracking of the goods. When he receives the purchase, contact him and ask how the delivery went and if the product met expectations. Finally, show your customer that he really matters to you.


Always remember: the purchase is just the first step! You will have a path until you can finally retain your customer.


Be close to your customer

Having close contact with your customer will make a difference when it comes to loyalty. In fact, many customers feel as if they are talking to friends when they are served by a quality team, and this is a very positive point for your business.


If you use WhatsApp, for example, you can already have a closer contact, get to know your customer, even more, understand what he expects and create a more lasting relationship.


However, be careful not to make your customer feel like you are invading their space. And how to do it? Simple, make sure he wants to be in touch with you.


Make your customer feel valued

When a customer feels valued and exclusive, they are much more likely to buy from you again. So, in addition to having quality service, show that you value it.


One way to do this is to ask him if he would like to receive exclusive offers on your products or information about something he is interested in. Here, valuable content will make a difference.


Anyway, this feeling of exclusivity is one of the key points for your customer to feel unique and satisfied, remember your store, and, possibly, buy from you again.


Provide quality service

It's not enough to have good service. You need to have an above-average service so that your customer feels exclusive (as we said above) and well-received, being positively impacted.


So invest in good training for your team. Nowadays, with the rush of everyday life, many companies respond quickly, without paying much attention to the user. And this is a failure that can cost your business a lot. Therefore, invest in quality service and stand out from the competition.


loyalty programs

Have loyalty programs that encourage your customer to buy again. Some examples of what you can offer are free shipping, exclusive discounts for birthdays, exclusive gifts, discounts on the next purchase, and free delivery from an 'X' value, among others.


All this makes your customer feel valued by your company and buy more and more.


Get a quality delivery

Investing in your customer's experience is important at every stage of your business, as well as delivery.


In this case, in addition to betting on good delivery service, it is also important to have quality reverse logistics, providing security for your business and your customer.


be remembered

It's no use doing all this and not constantly showing up for your customer. That's why the frequency of publications is important for those who sell fashion online through social networks.


In the online world, where competition is even greater, you need to be remembered. And the best way to achieve this is to make your customer impacted by your content.


Interact with your audience

One of the mistakes of many businesses is to use social media to sell. It is important that this is also a space to talk and interact with your audience.


So try to get as far away as possible from the idea that you're just there to sell, sell, sell. Show your audience that you are also there to listen and deliver value.



Every time you start implementing new strategies for customer loyalty in your business, don't forget to follow and monitor them. That's how you'll know if they're working and, more than that, which one works best.


This is how companies can invest in the right strategies, testing and analyzing the results. And customer loyalty is no different.


What about you, what do you do in your business to retain your customers?

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