11 Digital Marketing Trends you can't ignore in 2021

by Robin Belly Digital Marketing Agency | SEO

Technology is making progress at a really high speed; new and better techniques and technologies are being developed. All this including new and always changing algorithms of established companies like Facebook, Google, etc. have forced various digital marketing companies to be alert all the time.

A critical aspect today is that you simply should stay alert and remember of the newest trends in technology. With the rapid advancement in technology, many new trends come up in very less time. The newest digital marketing trends 2021 that are especially important for a business or organisation to sustain, grow and compete during this challenging scenario are highlighted within the following section.

1. AI

Artificial intelligence may be a big thing in today’s time. AI is transforming the way businesses or organisations and even industries operate. AI in digital marketing is changing every sector, be it finance, retail, etc. it's transforming how the corporate connects its brands with and reaches its customers. If the present trend in digital marketing is to be believed, then AI are going to be the guts or the centre core of the worldwide business and global industries.

There are various significant reasons why AI is booming such a lot. The primary reason is that the AI’s ability to analyse and interpret the patterns of search and therefore the behaviour of consumers. All this, alongside the knowledge gained from social media and blogs enable them to urge an understanding on how their consumers found the products and services. AI is extremely flexible, and it's very varied usage like in recommendation of products, personalised emails, product or service recommendations, content creation, and therefore the list is endless.

2. Chatbots

The concept of chatbots is gaining more and more momentum, and it's among one among the foremost important trends in digital marketing today. Nowadays, people are interacting the bulk of the time with chatbots without even realising an equivalent. This is often due to machine learning and AI . Thanks to the above-mentioned factors, chatbots became considerably sophisticated, and as a result, they will also handle complicated requests of the purchasers.

Chatbots have various advantages like they're available all the time; they answer customer queries in no time; they handle multiple queries of the purchasers without getting tired or losing its mind or patience. Because the chatbots manage such a lot , it allows you to specialise in more pressing matters at hand.

3. Personalisation

In today’s time, the competition is extremely high. So, it's quite easy to urge lost among large numbers of competing organisations. But this will be avoided, and you'll make yourself stand out from your competition with the assistance of personalised marketing. A very exemplar of personalisation is that of Netflix. Since it operates in many countries which have customers with varied tastes and preferences, it's personalised content for various countries consistent with the likes of its customer base in several countries.

4. Influencers

Another latest in digital marketing trends is gaining tons of momentum lately is marketing via an influence. Under this type of selling, your brand or its message is broadcasted to the audience employing a word-of-mouth marketing and promotion done by an influential personality. An influencer is often anyone like a film star, sports personality. But most of the days, they're documented Instagram personality or YouTuber with a remarkably high following using which they will promote your product, message or organisation among an outsized audience.

Influencer marketing works particularly well because it entails a crowd that's already a lover of an influencer or personality. When such a popular personality endorses a product or service, it's highly likely to be considered favourable by the followers of that person.

5. Visual Search

Visual Search, because the name suggests, involves using pictures or images rather than words to look for something. During this search, the user can take a snap of an object or item they might wish to realize, to look for or to shop for then use that snap to urge the search results.

Visual search has taken the user experience of searching something online to the very next level. a number of the visual search providers are Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, CamFind and Bing Visual Search.

6. Voice Search

Another major digital marketing trend is of voice search. it's gained such a lot popularity that companies are adapting their digital marketing strategy consistent with this trend. Voice search provides a really convenient sort of checking out something without browsing the effort of typing something. This is often very true when the words are overly complicated; your hands are busy or dirty, etc.

Whatever may the case be, the added convenience of using voice search including a sensible speaker is just too good to ignore. As a result of this, smart speakers became incredibly famous lately. You’ll activate and ask a plethora of questions from that speaker just by using your voice and not having to the touch anything. The advantages of voice search can even further be maximised by integrating ads while providing audio search results. The answers can include or promote a product or an organisation.

7. Computer game (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR have gained huge popularity and has become one among the highest latest marketing trends. The technology entailing AR and VR is so impressive that the organisation, the merchandise or service that use these in their marketing are easily ready to amaze their customers. As a result, it easily convinces potential customers about such a product or service.

This technology allows the purchasers to possess a life-like experience of the organisation, product or service without actually being present there. Various companies have started using this technology like IKEA. Using it, the potential customer is going to be ready to see how a specific piece of furniture will look in their place.

8. Social Media Messaging Apps

The social media apps are not any longer platforms merely for creating friends or friendly interactions; they will even be employed by businesses or organisations to speak with and to market their product and services to their customers. These social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. are in trend because they supply the companies with an incredibly unique, customised and personalised sort of marketing.

These apps are greatly beneficial and may be used for various purposes. These are often informing the consumers about the merchandise or service, customer feedback and support, building great customer relations, attracting new and retaining the prevailing customers, etc.

9. Smart Advertising

It is a remarkably interesting concept that involves the usage of AI to focus on specified customers using automation. An example of smart or programmatic advertising is real-time bidding.

10. Video Marketing

This trend is additionally hugely popular today and can still be so for the approaching 5 to 10 years. When an individual thinks of video, the primary thing that involves mind is YouTube. But there are tons of options available today besides YouTube. You’ll do video marketing by making promotional videos and post them on Instagram as IGTV video. Another famous trend goes live, i.e. doing a live video broadcast on apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. you'll choose the app supported the amount of presence of your potential customers thereon app.

A major reason for gaining popularity of video marketing is that of shifting towards smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. On such devices, reading isn't very fashionable. So, marketing and promoting on telephone book or catalogues is now gone, and it's replaced by videos and other interactive content available on mobile and other electronic devices.

11. Shoppable Posts

It is noticeably clear that social media plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Many surveys disclosed that the majority people get to understand about or discover new products using social media apps like Instagram and other apps like Pinterest. it's a quite easy process that convinces the customer into buying the merchandise or service.

You may be casually scrolling through a social media app like Instagram, and you encounter a very great product that intrigues your interest. you want to simply click thereon product, and it'll enable you to shop for such a product. This process of transition from casual browsing to purchasing decision is achieved employing a simple integration of social media and an e-commerce site that permits the latter to make a Shoppable post within the social media site.


So, it's evident that digital marketing is on an all-time high with an outsized number of trends being generated. Some companies also conduct digital marketing test to gauge a person’s understanding of the basics of digital marketing. In today’s time, there are tons of competent digital marketing companies which will provide their services consistent with the numerous needs of various businesses and organisations.

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