10 Signs of Badly Installed Hardwood

by Kevin Smith Author

If you're interested in adding timeless, beautiful hardwood floors to you home, don't just trust anyone with the job. Hardwood floor installation in Marietta is a job for experienced professionals who specialize in sourcing and installing hardwood. Why do you need to turn to seasoned experts? Hardwood floors are difficult to install, and the signs of shoddy work are obvious. Poorly installed hardwood may even have a shorter life span. They may even be a waste of money.

These are 10 signs of badly installed hardwood flooring that you need to look out for.

  1. Unevenness - If the floor has uneven spots, then glue, nails, or screws may have been left behind under the surface. Not only will this look embarrassing, but an uneven surface will make the floor crack.
  2. Buckles - Buckles, or spots where the floor rises and planks curl away from each other, are signs of bad installation. The wood may have been installed unevenly.
  3. Warping - Warping is a sign that hardwood was installed on a wet surface or an area that's prone to moisture, like a bathroom or kitchen. Hardwood in wet areas will need a moisture barrier to slight gaps between the planks to allow for more dramatic expansion and contraction.
  4. Mismatching - Do some of the planks of wood seem out of place? An installer may have run out of your choice material and thrown in something extra, hoping you wouldn't notice the difference. Or, they charged you for an expensive hardwood an diluted it with some planks of cheap hardwood.
  5. Crooked Lines - Hardwood must be installed with near-mathematical precision. Failure to do so can make the gaps between the hardwood look crooked. Crooked hardwood will require awkward cuts or transitions when they hit the wall or another room.
  6. Spacious Edges - The hardwood should be flush with the wall and the baseboards should cover up any gaps. Gaps can host pests and dust bunnies, neither of which you'll want to host.
  7. Streaked Stain - Hardwood that was stained or finished poorly will look streaky and may even show brush stokes and other unusual textures. 
  8. Uneven Stain - If the stain was poorly mixed or different products were used, the stain can look discolored in certain areas. 
  9. Creaks - A hardwood floor shouldn't be noisy if it's new. Older hardwood floors tend to be noisy because they were often installed on raised wooden frames. A new floor that is creaky was carelessly installed.
  10. Disappearing Contractors - Finally, a sign that your floor was installed carelessly is a contractor or installer who disappears on you. If they know they made mistakes, they're hoping to pack up and move on before you notice. 

If you're interested in installing beautiful hardwood floors, you need to work with an experienced, professional, and honest company. Hardwood floor installation in Marietta is tough work, but a company that specializes in providing and installing good hardwood flooring will make you happy with the results.



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