10 Most Weird Cravings You Might Get During Your Pregnancy

by Phoebe Warts Sonographers

Cravings are quite common during pregnancy which can be easily handled. But sometimes, pregnant women tend to get weird cravings too which are not only unusual but also sometimes can end up hurting the mother or the baby. If you are having any kinds of weird food cravings and concerned about your baby’s health, you should visit an ultrasound baby scan clinic. Weird cravings do not only limit to food but sometimes to non-food too. this is known as pica. Here, we have listed some of the weirdest cravings a pregnant woman can have.

1. Cheese and pickles: Mixing something sour with milk or cheese can turn out to be quite disgusting, yet pregnancy can make you crave it. Eating it might cause indigestion.

2. Sauerkraut on everything: Eating something sour is common during pregnancy. So, if you craving sauerkraut, there is nothing to be worried about. But if you put it on everything, you might not feel good.

3. Meat with milk: Whichever kind of meat it is or whatever preparation of the meat it is, eating it with milk still sounds terrible. Yet pregnancy can make you feel it to be a good combination.

4. Spicy food: Although not as weird as it sounds, it could be weird for those who try to avoid eating spicy food right.

5. Pickle on shakes or coffees: Similar to cheese and pickles combination, this is another weird craving to either ignore or taste it as it is.

6. An ice cube or refrigerator air: If we talk about the pica craving, this one is one of the most common ones. Opening the fridge at night and standing in front of it can only make you crave it more.

7. Dirt or mud: These kinds of cravings of pica are neither edible nor healthy. If you get these kinds of cravings, try to ignore it and eat something to satisfy both your craving and hunger. This craving usually occurs if you have anaemia. Call your doctor in such a case.

8. Chalk: It is a fairly popular one, but weird too.

9. Dishwashing soap: For some women, there might not be any limit to cleanliness. But if you do get this craving don’t give in to it or sometimes smelling it might work too.

10. Toothpaste: A lot of children get this craving while brushing teeth, so maybe it’s not that weird during pregnancy. It is most definitely better than dirt and chalk. Eating it is not harmful.  

The only way to get through it is either try to ignore it or see a doctor. If you want to know more about weird food cravings, visit Reading ultrasound baby scan clinic.

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