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Grapes are not only one of the most delicious, widely loved, world-wide available, easy to eat fruit but is also one of the healthier food items that you can intake to keep up your health. Available in different colors like black, dark blue, green, yellow, purple and pink color; they are used for multiple purposes like making wine, jam, grapeseed oil, puree, jelly, juice, vinegar, seed extract and more. From being included in creating mouthwatering desserts to proudly being one of the major ingredients of fresh fruits bowls and custards, there are no doubts of calling grapes as the queen of fruits. Here are the 10 health benefits of grapes that will make you order a bunch of them right away using the amazing Bigbasket offers.

1.   Accelerate your weight loss journey

According to research in Georgia, grapes contain a high amount of resveratrol and isoflavones that play a significant role in assisting the weight loss by dramatically reducing the cell’s ability of fat storage by 130 percent and makes the fat cells to disintegrate by 246 percent higher than the usual.

2.   Protect Your Heart

The resveratrol present in the high quantity in grapes has the ability to heavily improve the dilation of blood vessels which allows the blood to flow easily through vessels. It also relaxes the walls of blood vessels by enlarging their diameter. This process lowers the blood pressure and lets a higher volume of blood along with more oxygen and nutrients to pass throughout the body.

3.   Improves brain health

A study at the University of Switzerland has revealed that resveratrol contains the ability to protect the brain’s functioning. These contents wash away the brain-damaging plaques and free radicals which are the major causes of Alzheimer's disease. By keeping the good part of your brains healthy, the contents of grapes prevent the plaques to destruct the brain activity and help in normal functioning. Resveratrol also increases the flow of blood in a normal human brain by 200 percent and speeds our neural responses as well.

4.   Protect Your Skin from Cancer

Skin cancer has been prevailing the society due to the intense pollution and the Ultraviolet rays of the sun today. Resveratrol protects the skin from the damaged caused by air pollution and also prevents the UVB rays of the sun to directly impact the skin, thus reducing the chances of skin cancer.  Also, while treating cancer, radiation therapy is used to make the chemo dosage work which also damages the good cells along with the cancer cells. The potent nutrients in grapes protect these good cells against the radiation of cancer and help you sustain your immunity.

5.  Improves Immunity Power

One of the major components required for the longevity of the human gene is supposedly resveratrol which is the major nutrient in the grapes as well. With the ongoing Bigbasket offer today, you can get a whole bunch of this life-saving fruit at a very nominal price. Consume more grapes and live long!

6.   Fight against Diabetes

According to comprehensive research by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, grapes contain a large amount of anti-oxidant properties which contributes to regulating the blood sugar level by improving the metabolism of the carbohydrates. The concentration present of polyphenols in grapes curtail the metabolic syndromes and prevents the chances of obesity and type 2 diabetes. To attain the given benefits, make sure you consume fresh grapes with no artificially added sugars. BigBasket ensures the great quality of unprocessed grapes and also with multiple Bigbasket coupon codes, you can buy good quality fresh grapes at giveaway prices.

7.   Rejuvenates the skin

The seed extracts of grapes contain a high content of potent anti-oxidants like vitamin C, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins that help in minimizing the blemishes and redness on the skin. These nutrients also prevent wrinkles and darkening spots by abolishing free radicals. Grape seeds are also used in manufacturing a number of skin creams and sunscreens because of its skin rejuvenating ability.

8.   Relieve constipation

Grapes also, help in overcoming the problem of constipation as well. They fall under the category of laxative food as they are high in organic acid and cellulose. Grapes relive chronic constipation by toning the intestinal muscles and stomach. Being rich in insoluble fiber they are a great help to body digestion as well.

9.   Help with Asthma

Being high in the therapeutic value, grapes are also used to cure asthma. The hydrating power in grapes increases the moisture present in the lungs and decreases the asthmatic events.

10. Bone-strengthening

Rich in micronutrients like iron, copper, and manganese, grapes are imperative in strengthening the bones. Introducing grapes to your diet and consuming it regularly will prevent bone-related diseases.

Author: Maheroo Butt

The benefits of this wonderful fruit just add up so many reasons along with its appetizing taste to include in your fruit basket. Starting from preventing chronic diseases, helping in digestion to replenishing skin and boosting your immunity grapes can be the holy grail of health benefits. Make sure you stock up a lot of grapes this season using Bigbasket coupons and help your family live a healthier and longer life. 

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