How do UI Designers Work with App Developers

by James Burns CEO
Front-end developers have an amazing opportunity in their careers to work in collaboration with UI and UX designers. The important part lies in the understanding of each other's work process harmoniously to create a successful product, be it a mobile application, websites, etc.

Many companies doubt their UI/UX design professionals; therefore, they put a developer alongside a designer for better creation of interface. Both a developer and a designer want the same. 

As a result, now companies look for a candidate skilled in front-end development and UI/UX designing. A highly functional application that appeals to a user has seamless UI and simple ease of use. 

Thus, to make this happen, a company must be clear on mobile app design principles, design guidelines, design ideas, UI design tools, design features, UI design process, and mobile design patterns.

In this article, we will discuss how do UX/UI designers help app developers!

What is UI/UX Design?

UX Design (User Experience) ensures product functionality and gives a seamless experience for customers and clients. A UX designer successfully prioritizes the target audience and works primarily on the development of digital products.

An app UX designers’ main job is to put the focus on the app’s functionality, its usability, and responsive user adaptability.

In the same way, UI Design means User Interface design, which refers to making an intuitive design. For example, a user struggles in properly interacting with a product, then the UI designer takes full responsibility research new trending design elements and implement some required changes.

Keeping UX and UI designers’ thought processes in mind, let us tell you some design principles, app design features, and UI design tools that you can use in making the best design for any mobile application.

Top Mobile App Design Principles: Content Prioritization, Make Navigation Intuitive, Touchscreen Target Sizes, Provide User Control, Legible Text Content, Make Interface Elements Visible, Focus on Speed, Use Established Gestures, Allow for Personalization, Create a Seamless Experience Across Devices, Make Navigation Intuitive, Hand Position Controls, Minimize Data Input, etc.

Mobile App Design Features: Responsive, Easy MVP, Intuitive, highly engaging, easy navigation, up-to-date security, visually appealing screen, etc.

Top Mobile App UI Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Zeplin, Figma, and Adobe After Effects.

What is the Role of Designers and Developers in Collaboration?

In the event that the UX and UI designers aren't related to the front-end development, then the company would hire a front-end developer that can collaborate with designers. 

Try not to misunderstand what we are telling you right now! There is no progressive system here, both designer and developer contribute their skills and knowledge in the final digital product development, says a mobile application.

Designers specialize in making a design that makes sense to the user, while the developers develop according to the device system and operating system.

UX Development and UI development epitomize each other's duties and responsibilities. On the other hand, the developers create the front-end of an application and implement the best practices such that the app functions at any device on any OS, with the same responsiveness everywhere.

Likewise, they think about a bigger degree in taking care of client issues, fusing representations, intelligent plans, and 3D visual communication into web applications. 

The most famous UX/UI Developers frameworks are AngularJS, React JS, and mainstream languages like Javascript, JQuery, and HTML/CSS. 

A designer and developer need to cooperate from the start and must understand the strength of each other's abilities. They need to pair together in their work and ensure everybody is in the same spot, most of the time. 

Hence, it is important that their designing and development thought process match every time for the betterment of mobile applications. That's why companies now prefer hiring a candidate that has knowledge of both front-end development and UX/UI designing.

Together, they share an objective of making a "fulfilling functionality with magnificent experience" for the clients and customers. An encounter that keeps the client returning to the application and informing everyone of their companions concerning it. 

It's generally between the turn of events and the testing stage that the communication drops. This is on the grounds that everything is on a timetable and the application is being hurried out the entryway. From here the unlimited updates approach to bring that application to be steady, while in the buyer's hands.

What are the Tips for Designers and Developers?

Our first tip for the UI designers and App developers is to identify the mobile app UI design patterns. On the internet, you can find, hundreds of app design patterns, but each design pattern’s success ratio depends upon the application, i.e., the industry for which you are making an app.

Furthermore, you need to follow a single color scheme. You can utilize various tones yet it ought to be under one significant subject. You need to follow a similar versatile application UI configuration design for the size and conduct of the color tones.

Making an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) app model will give you a more clear thought. You can attempt various tones and sizes in the application to perceive what suits your user best. For this, you will have to play with some color schemes and then decide upon one!

You need to check your application UI/UX plan over and over and you need to continue to do it until you get completely fulfilled. However, remember to make easy-to-use and easy-to-access mobile applications. The vast majority of the prosperity of app development depends upon planning and implementation of designing and development. 

The final tip is to keep the UI design simple for a smoother performance!

Final Thoughts!

A product designer and a product developer when in collaboration can take care of their users and their needs. When both are put together, the entire team becomes important and ensures a smooth and easy-going development process.

If you find designing and front-end development skills in a single candidate, then don’t let go of it. Between designing and development, the key is clear communication that tends to make a good online application.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to hire mobile app developers in the USA, who have knowledge of both designing and front-end development?

Tell us in the comment section below!

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