10 Affordable 3D Printers That You Can Buy

by Jay Cross IT Manager

3D printing has been in the headlines for various beneficial reasons all across the world. As the name is suggesting itself, it can help users to print any object in the form of 3-Dimensional CAD stands for computer-aided design. In simple terms, it can be defined as the blend of software and hardware starting with a file based on computer-aided configuration and further creating the drawing of any object in three dimensions. The large scale use of 3D printers can be seen everywhere, like in manufacturing small objects such as clips to enormous airplane wings. The use of 3D printers in every field like prosthetics, dental implants, and accessories are revolutionizing our lives.

The things to look for while purchasing 3D printers


Different printers give different accuracy levels when we use them. The prices of 3D printers also vary according to their accuracy level. And if you want more accuracy from a 3D printer then it will be costlier also. Moreover, considering material shrinkage, geometry part, and size is equally essential for production.

Technology of Printer

Currently, 3D printers are based on four types of technologies including Photopolymer, 3D printers based on Material extrusion, Binding 3D printers and Selective Deposition Lamination. You will need to understand which technology-based 3D printer is suitable for your needs before purchasing it.

Printing Speed

Printers work with CAD files to print any object in 3D dimensions. Each printer goes on to print the object while taking the CAD file layer by layer. Sometimes, you may also need to finish the object printing manually. So, the finishing speed plays an important role when you decide to buy a 3D printer.

Raw Material

Raw material also plays a deciding role when it comes to purchasing a 3D printer. Not all 3D printers can handle all types of raw material. So, think about your requirements before buying a 3D printer.

Here is the list of some useful 3D printers which can fulfil your both personal and professional requirements. These all are affordable too.

Anet 8

The 3D printer is not only affordable but also easy to assemble. You can assemble the 3D printer only in 10 minutes without having any technical knowledge. The open-source FDM 3D printer offers an accuracy of almost 0.1mm with 220x220x240 mm print volume. Compatible with ABS and PLA materials due to the presence of the heating plate going up to even 100 degree Celsius, the 3D printer has a full color touch screen of 2.8 inches. The inclusion of five buttons and the LCD screen is helpful in smooth operation and resuming the printing from the point exactly where you have left.

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

It is well suited and affordable for the needs of beginners of 3D printing. However, it is not so suitable for professional projects. Still, it is equipped with the filaments of the primary level to advance one such as ABS and PLA to even more composite metal and wood, dissolvable PVA, etc. You can use any material to create a high-level model.

FlashForge Finder

The user friendly and affordable 3D printer comes in the sturdy design of plastic alloy. It offers safe and quiet operation, making it ideal for everyone to use in offices, homes and classrooms. The 3D printer has a color touchscreen of 3.5 inches with intuitive and interactive icons making the operations much easier. Besides, it has good connectivity with flash drives and Wi-Fi. Apart from these, the 3D printer is well assisted by an intelligent leveling system along with positioning 0.0001 inches Precision on the Z-axis and on the XY plane the Precision is 0.0004.

Photon Zero

The low-cost machine is based on SLA technology with 97x54x150mm build volume. It offers the layer resolution of almost 10 microns. The UV based new model allows the distribution of UV light in a more uniform way providing the users with high quality in their printed materials. Moreover, the 3D printer comes assembled, making it the perfect beginners printer. Its cooling system is capable of giving you prints in a more stable way.


The easy to use and manageable 3D printer not only offers basic features but also filled with some highly advanced attributes. Equipped with a touch screen in full color, the FDM technology-based printer comes semi-assembled. It has included the renowned heated bed known as Anycubic Ultrabase offering powerful and extraordinary adhesion during the process of printing. The 3D printer has been introduced with a filament sensor that not only pauses the ongoing print but also sets off an emergency alarm if it is running out of the required filament. Moreover, it supports flexible filaments like PLA, TPU and ABS.

Ender 3

The 3D printer based on FDM technology is open source and can be placed anywhere. Stuffed with fantastic safety features, the printer comes with a kit including partially assembled necessary tools and a sample filament. Moreover, the vast community of 3D printing is busy in improving the other features and design of this 3D printer. The printer has been supported by two fuses separately and power supply of high quality to your printer from damage due to sudden and unexpected surge in the power supply. The printer comes with 220x220x250 of build volume, and it will take you only a few minutes to start it as the heating plate gets heated in only 5 minutes.

SUNLU 3D Printer

The 3D printer comes with 310x310x400mm print volume offering excellent quality while printing the 3D models. It is suitable for the needs of both professional and beginners projects. Stuffed with inductive three sensors set separately on the axis XYZ along with the switches that can limit high Precision, the 3D printer maintains stability and quality at high levels even if the printing is going on high speed. Moreover, it has individual filaments detecting and setting off the alarm if running out of filament. Some other features of the printer include a large area for print and quick detection if there is power loss.

JG Maker Magic

With 220x220x250mm printing volume and heating plate reaching up to 110 degree Celsius, the DIY 3D printer is adhering to filaments like ABS and PLA. The printer is excellent not only for its affordable price but also for its features. It is equipped with a nozzle of 0.4mm allowing the use of filaments of 1.75mm to reach an extrusion temperature of almost 250 degree Celsius. Moreover, the 3D printer shows the printing status in real-time with its LCD monochrome display providing excellent user experience. The 3D printer can be used in your office, school or home with its lightweight and compact body made of aluminium and silicon wire.

Its power supply has been built into its base. It comes in different pre-assembled parts, and so it is easy to assemble the printer. Some other prominent features of this 3D printer include detection system if the filament is running out, hot plugin based on SD Card, a side holder for filament and sturdy base of metal.

Artillery Sidewinder X1

The compactly built 3D printer with the aluminium body comes with the printing volume of 300x300x400mm, which is relatively very large. It offers high printing speed with excellent accuracy of about 50 micrometres according to printing quality. The sleek and affordable 3D printer is based on FDM technology and provides many exciting features like efficient handling of essential to advanced filaments, etc. It has a color touchscreen which is user friendly, also ensuring the use of the main features of this 3D printer efficiently. Some other most significant features of the 3D printer include detection and recovery system for power loss and filament run out.

Sovol SV01 3D Printer

If you are willing to start into the 3D printing world, then the 3D printer is not only affordable but also packed with many features. The direct drive extruder and lead screw based on dual Z are significant enough to increase the stability and quality of printing. Also, it has an in-built power supply which ensures sufficient and stable power. The printer supports multiple filaments like TPU, PLA, ABS, etc. and you can assemble and install the printer in only thirty minutes.

Source : Affordable 3D Printers on Lenoxtons20

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