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Apsense is one of the largest business community in Internet today. Business Magnets from all over the world are using apsense for featuring and promoting their business online. This lens Apsense Tips provides Top Apsense Tips for businesses online.

Apsense helps you to decrease your marketing budgets and also increase search engine visibility. Learn to use apsense from this article on apsense. This article provides 10 Great Apsense Tipsto improve your business online through Apsense.

#1 Getting Started with Apsense 

Fastest Emerging Business Communy in Web

Apsense is one of the top and emerging business communities in web today. People from all over the world are in Apsense. There are people from various niches who have already started their business in Apsense. Apsense has different membership levels.

Their free membership is also awesome and has huge number of benefits. Join Apsense free with the banner link given below to get started with apsense.

Join Apsense for free

#2 Apsense Networking 

How to go viral in few minutes

Apsense helps you to build your own private network with in few days. You can invite people easily from your various email accounts such as gmail, rediff, yahoo and invite them to join your network. You can build unlimited downline network with the help of apsense. Apsense Network is one of the powerful networks in Web today.

If you are still not understanding, here is one of the top presentation that helps you how to build your own private network in Apsense.
How to start your own private network in Apsense

#3 Apsense Groups 

Apsense Groups to bring experts together

Apsense GroupsApsense Groups is one of the powerful way to bring people together. Start your own business group and start sharing your business information in the groups. Join in groups which are related to your business and share your updates with the groups

Apsense Groups are one of the powerful communities of business experts. There are good number of groups in Apsense that contains active discussions from users all over the world. These groups are from various niches.

Starting your own business group in Apsense and providing information related to your business will help your business to grow significantly and generate quality leads for your business online.

One of the group I have created for providing information about latest jobs is jobs for everyone. Do join to get latest work from home jobs information in this group

#4 Apsense Rev Pages 

Rev Pages are like Lenses

Rev Pages in Apsense are very popular. You can create quite a number of revpages in Apsense. Revpages helps you to promote your products and referral links in Apsense. The more revpages you write, more is the chance to earn from your referrals.

Apsense RevPages also known as Apsense Review Pages are powerful ways to building your product information. You can create unlimited number of Apsense Revpages for your business.

Apsense RevPages are like lead capture pages which helps businesses and customers know about the features and advantages of your products. Use Apsense Revpages to gain significant amount of traffic for your business website online.

I have developed some of the cooles RevPages which are useful for businesses. Some are shared below.

Earning Money from Facebook: This Revpage provides simple ways to earn from facebook

Expert Blogging Tips This Article provides simple tips to blog online

Top Writing Jobs in Web This Article provides top writing jobs in Internet. Very useful revpage worth looking

#5 Apsense Campaigns 

Get quality leads from Apsense Campaigns

Another good feature of Apsense is Apsense Campaigns. In Apsense, people participate in campaigns for Apsense Credits. Apsense credits are like apsense money which can be used for advertising, starting new campaigns and promoting your products in Apsense.

#6 Apsense Chat 

Get conversation started with experts from Apsense Chat

Apsense chat is one of the best features of Apsense. You can communicate with people who have joined in your network in Apsense through Apsense Chat. This helps in knowing more about your business and also to get quality feedbacks about your products.

Apsense Communicator helps to share your expertise with tip Apsense Networkers in Web.

#7 Apsense Memberships 

Many Experts in Apsense have upgraded

Apsense is one of the powerful business networking sites and I personally know many experts who have upgraded their account in Apsense. There are different membership levels in Apsense. Even though free membership also provides many benefits, advantages of upgraded membership are awesome.

There are three memberships in Apsense Right Now.

Free Membership
VIP Membership
PARTNER Membership

Memberships Comparison

Commissions % Earn in Affiliate Program 20% 30% 50%
Claim Credits Ratio 40% 60% 100%
Bonus Network Size 20% 30% 50%
Get FREE Credits per Month None 1500Credits 5000 Credits

There are many more benefits of Upgraded membership. Join and you can know about them.

#8 Apsense Bulletins 

Apsense Bulletins are like Squid Casts

Apsense Bulletins helps you to update information about your groups and business updates with your members. Your latest bulletin is visible in your friends homepage and also shared in your profile page.

Apsense Bulletins helps to promote your latest business updates and latest blog articles online. As a free member, you can only update your bulletin in three days while upgraded members can use it more frequently

#9 Apsense Referral Program 

Another Cool Referral Program

Apsense Referral Program is mentioned last because there are many advantages of Apsense than this referral program. There are many ways to earn from Apsense and promote your business in Apsense. You can even promote your blog with Apsense. However, what is the advantage of Apsense for work from home moms or people who don't have business online?

Well this is for your friends. Apsense has great referral program. Here is the referral program details below.

Rewards Program of Apsense
Earn up to 50% commissions on referrals that Upgrade their memberships!
When a user that you directly referred upgrades by PAYING, you can earn 20% - 50% Cash Commission, Monthly Residual Income.
If you are a FREE member you will earn 20% Commision, Monthly Residual Income.
If you are a VIP member you will earn 30% Commision, Monthly Residual Income.
If you are a PARTNER member you will earn 50% Commision, Monthly Residual Income

There are different ways to promote your referral link with Apsense. Some of the top ways are
1. Banner Links
2. Text Links
3. Email Ads
4. Invitations
5. Business Cards.

Start with Apsense for free 

Sponsor Ads

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Jaafar Mahmuddin Advanced   
I'm sure others, like me, may find your article helpful..especially when they just join. Good work Zoya Fathima. It also give a broad outline of what you can do within ApSense.
Mar 14th 2011 03:48   
Plamen Penev Senior   seeker of new challenges
wonderful article, especially for beginners like me, I would like to use it in my posts if you permit me
Mar 15th 2011 02:48   
Malok Mading Committed   Writer and Blogger.
Nice article.If I had got this earlier,I could have been at the top of the game now! Highly recommendable to anyone who has stucked or just beginning.
Mar 16th 2011 10:09   
Prakash Sethia Advanced  Banner Printing Services, Kadodara
It's really a good article. I am new to APSense and i'll take it as a guide.
Mar 21st 2011 06:38   
Steve C. Senior   Online Marketer
Excellent article. We need more like this, thanks.
Mar 21st 2011 08:56   
Viqi French Advanced   Online Marketing Strategist
This is an excellent overview. I'm new and have been a bit frustrated, looking everywhere on ApSense for a Help link that explains all the "bells and whistles" I see here. I appreciate how nicely you cleared up some of the confusion.
Mar 26th 2011 03:59   
Janet Legere Professional   Internet Marketing Training Expert
Great article and awesome tips for Apsense members. This post is very useful.
Mar 26th 2011 07:50   
Afendie Isa Advanced   
great article for new apsense member like me..
Mar 31st 2011 04:03   
Belinha Fernandes Advanced   Plastic artist
Hi Zoya! Enjoyed the reading very much! I was here at Apsense a few hours ago and was forced to shut my computer down as I was really tired from work. But I just joined APsense and my curiosity brought me back! Probably I'll spent some time learning all about it in the next days! Your article was an excellent introduction!
Apr 18th 2011 16:32   
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