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About our Business

Since 1999, Don and I have worked at Home helping others learn to use Internet tools and strategies to brand themselves, build their list and attract the right clients to their business.

Our success lies in us helping YOU create success.

I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to attract the right clients and customers online if you take the time to follow a few simple strategies that are proven to work.

  1. Register a Domain name - preferably your own
  2. Install a Wordpress blog - search engines LOVE Wordpress
  3. Add an Optin Form - your primary goal is building your list
  4. Write articles and record videos - what makes it all work
  5. Get traffic to your blog 
We offer simple strategies anyone can learn to master.

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If you are looking for a way to build your list, downline, etc., look no further! Janet has a "closet" full of assets help you in all your networking endeavors. Take a look for yourself and choose the one(s) best suited to your needs.
 - swordcarrier January 20th, 2018

Janet is very knowledgeable and professional person. She is always help to people for achieve success in online business.
 - suhassajgure January 31st, 2015

Janet Legere is a specialist internet I knew when she was in a joint venture with John Broughton. She loves helping people understand how to use Internet tools to build their list, build relationships and make money online.
 - namadobi September 4th, 2014

Janet grows her business with a heart! In all the different programs I've been involved in, there was, I felt, something missing. I just felt there as a LACK of MENTORSHIP. Janet encouraged me to follow the RSG Marketing system and attend the training. Soon, I knew I found the perfect system and mentor for me. Thank you Janet for painting that BIG picture so I can see whats ahead!
 - tamratrow May 31st, 2014

Janet's Contact List Builder program, and the Ready Set Go Marketing System has shown me an effective way to market my affiliate and referral links with super results.
 - ktownjunkie May 7th, 2014

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Janet Legere
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A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile

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