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A Portuguese Love - Sep 28th 2021 09:45

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Smoking is a public health problem. The epidemic of tobacco generates a lot of distress: economic, social and family problems, health and environmental too.

We all must help to prevent the emergence of new smokers. And we can. Are you aware that many children are alreay smoking before they can even hold their first cigar?!

I created this book to help children be aware of passive smoke danger as well as adults.  Both will benefit from the bond that reading stories and discussing it will create.This story also promotes a positive attitude towards non-smoking. 

According to my research children start to smoke at age 12-15. Prevention must start before that age. There are persons and professionals who are in a special position that grants them the privilege to act and to speak and be heard because they have authority. This is true for parents whether smokers or non-smokers and siblings, for teachers, doctors and medical personnel, especially pediatricians and obstetricians, social and youth workers and caregivers.


Available from BLURB - paper version - or via PAILOADZ - ebook.



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Every so often a new member comes to APSense and you can tell that they have what it takes to become a respected member. Belinha is one of those new members that is going places. She is intelligent and outgoing quickly finding her place here. I'm looking forward to seeing her rise to a truly respected member here.
 - pplcheryl63 May 11th, 2011

Met this young Lady today, she is from the main land in this wonderful country called Portugal, l was born under the same flag but in the islands of the Azores. Belinha in her first day here at APSense has surf, our site, starting to understand what we have. I honestly believe she has the talent to develop APSense in Portugal...her large networking and talents in Marketing....Belinha, like us has an incredible hid ended talent we never use....Belinda, learn our features, use them, "MASTER THEM" and ask me any question you need to know....l will support our flag.... or any member who need help here at APSense!! You will do Well Here ....Can You Handle Success... All The Best Joseph F. Botelho
 - jfbmarketing April 17th, 2011


Belinha Fernandes
Figueira da Foz, Portugal
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile
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This ebook is available for immediate download and purchase. Celebrate World No Tobbaco Day, May 31!