Currency exchangers

by Tommy Eafle xyz


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I was wondering about your experiences with curreny exchangers. As many others I use online currencies to buy or sell things, but there are many providers of e-currencies online and usually no one owes them all, but there are different sites that use specific account use. What should we do if we have e-currency in one account, but the site or seller wants another one? Are there any trusthworthy providers which transfers e-currency from from one account to another with smaller fee. Anyone ever used one of them? Do you contact another person, found on a forum or offering anything site, who have funds in the account that would be useful for you to open but have no funds in there yet? Would you trust them? Tried that allready. If so was it succesfull or you got riped of?

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Ben Ferm Committed   Manager

Most of Your questions up there can be answered here:
Dec 2nd 2007 16:03   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
When I am buying or selling on line I always use PayPal.

This is now a well run and efficient service that I have been happily using for over six years (Yes - even when everybody was saying it was a scam and rip off!)

The exchange rates are not bad and often compare with what I could get from a bank in England or Spain. They have an excellent resolution centre, as well, so that you are not alone if you have a dispute with a customer or a supplier.

For people who are looking to make a major purchase in a foreign country, I always recommend a specialist currency trader or your own bank if they will give you preferencial rates.

As you say, there are many cash handling companies out there but, on balance, I can see none that even approach the security and service I have enjoyed with PayPal.

(Incidentally, you can send money through PayPal to someone who does not have a PayPal account - that can be very useful)
Dec 2nd 2007 16:30   
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