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I will be adding some FREE ebooks and articles concerning science, religion and beliefs.  Suggestions of topics and content is always welcome. :)

In general, I will gather all kind of documents, articles and books that have been published throughout the centuries about different kind of interesting things. As different prophecies, UFO's, anomalies and more like that.  The important thing is that they shall be FACTS not fiction. Well, it may be hard to say about the prophecies and some of the religious stuff. But it IS a fact that they have been written. ;)

My aim is to make available complete texts as they were originally written, not as the world sees them today. Too often a fact starts out as a stupid mistake or misreading by some weirdo who make a lot of people believe that he/she is the only one knowing the true thruth. I sincerily believe that a human being is capable of thinking and making up own opinions about things for herself, and as long as there are enough material to base that opinion ON it most likely should be a quite good opinion.

For comments and/or suggestions, please leave a message in the Guestbook. Or, if You are the shy kind, send an e-mail to advertizerz.online@gmail.com .

Once again, welcome. Take Your time browsing around and have fun!

Ben Ferm, webmaster


New:The Complete Memoirs of Napoleon  by: Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Borrienne AND Who was Who: 5000 B. C. to Date: Biographical Dictionary of the Famous and Those Who Wanted To Be, edited by Irwin L. Gordon. Both are PDF- files.

Birth of Humanity. Sumerian story about Enki from 2500 BC.
Britains "X-files" revealed.
Book of the dead, The. (Toth) Ancient Egyptian scrolls. (Pdf-file that opens up in a new window)
Confucian Analets, The. (ca 500 BC) (Pdf-file)
Corpus Hermeticum. (Pdf-file)
Dead Sea Scrolls, The.
Gilgamesh. The oldest, known, written epic story.
Latin for beginners. (Pdf-file)
Leonardo da Vinci, the complete notebook. (Pdf-file)
Preface. The letter to his son Cesar concerning the Quatrains.
Quatrains. (Centuries). All centuries in original text an translated to english.
Epistle to king Henry II. A letter about the prophecies.
Sixains. The disputed sixtains. See if You can tell if they are real or not.
Orus Apollo.
Parallels between Hopi and Sumerian. Amazing!
- Pine Gap.
'PINE GAP BASE: WORLD CONTEXT' translated from french to english. (Pdf-file)
Planet-X. Speculations?.
Project 1947. Top Secret US-program.
- Project Blue Book.
The FBI-files.
Comprehensive Catalog of 1.500 Project Blue Book UFO Unknowns.
- Qur'án.
The Koran translated to english. (Pdf-file)
- Roswell 1947. FBI memo of July 8, 1947.
Scanned document. (Pdf-file)
The Devils Dictionary. Classic from 1911 by Ambrose Bierce. (Pdf-file)
- The how and why of the
Mayan end date in 2012 A.D.
The King James Bible. Old and New Testament. (Pdf-file)
The Qumran Library. The scrolls and scroll fragments recovered in the Qumran environs represent a voluminous body of Jewish documents, a veritable "library", dating from the third century B.C.E. to 68 C.E.
The Satanic Bible. Underground Edition. (Pdf-file)
The US Government & the Iran case. (Pdf-file)
The visions of Joe Brandt in 1937. Reprinted from: Living Water, Vol 1X, Number 2, April-May-June Issue 1969
- US Airforce.
Classified UFO Manual. (Pdf-file)

- The Maps of Piri Reis, Philippe Buache and Oronteus Finaeus.


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Hello, You have some interesting literature in your site. I will!!!! be making use of it. There is always time to expand one's mental horizons. Ciao M.S.S - Italy
 - mauriziosalvador December 15th, 2007


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