Which Outdoor Activity Do You Most Like To Do?

by Lynn I. Earning Online Since 1999

Many of us here at APSense spend alot of hours sitting in front of our computer. But, we do occassionally drift away from it as our offline life continues :)  I personally walk/jog twice a day, it renews my energy and gives me a more positive outlook on life in general.  It has a away of clearing my head at times. And other times it fills my head with new ideas. Sometimes one of my family will walk with me, its gives us a great opportunity to just talk in a very relaxed way. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. What outdoor activity do you enjoy?


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Wendy Senior   
Fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing

No seriously I love fishing.

I also love to go hiking. We have some beautiful bush trails here (course have to watch for bears this time of year)

Takes all of 5 minutes to get to the bush and the walk is awesome.

I snowmobile as well. If you think for a 2nd that it isn't a work out Come for a ride sometime Feels like an all day work especially the first ride of the season

Bike riding is great too

Nov 1st 2007 10:08   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
What???? No fish story about the one that got away?? LOL Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 12:40   
Wendy Senior   
No fish stories about the one that got away but I did write on Apsense about sinking the boat we were fishing with LOL

Nov 1st 2007 13:06   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
You are than than welcome to share that story here :) Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 14:09   
Philip Gondek Innovator   
I take my Beagle Ace everyday for a 2 hour walk in a County Park near my house. Actually it's more like, we get out of the Jeep and see how fast we can get to the nearest tree. From there it is a hooowlling time with his nose down and tail waggen. He loves tracking squirrels. Joggers get a real kick out of him, and how focused he is. Nothing stops him from getting off his track. I saw him track right through a small pile of Hershey Kisses. Other people walking their dogs try giving him treats but he is not at all intereste. When he fianlly finds a squirrel he jumps up, and holds on to the tree trunk for a few seconds than backs off and waits for the squirrel to come down. Some do come down, and it is a race to the next tree. Some go from tree to tree if there close enough. I once saw a squirrel jump 20 feet to another tree. I know it was 20 feet because that's how long Ace's lead is, and I was standing under one of the trees when he jumped.

Phil G.
Nov 1st 2007 14:41   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
I had to laugh when I read your comment. We often go to one of our larger city parks on Sunday afternoon...huge mind you..a couple ponds..a few play get the picture. We were there for lunch one day. Then another family decided to plant themselves about 20-25 feet from us. They were real loud, like they were the only ones there. We had already finished eating, but it did shorten our Sunday paper reading time. We just packed everything up and headed off for another Sunday adventure. Some people can be inconsiderate. Sometimes when I am out walking I wear headphones, so even if there are alot of people, I still have my time with my music, with my thoughts :) Lynn

Nov 1st 2007 16:47   
AM Whelan Innovator   
Easy! Playing soccer. I've played since I was 8 years old. They didn't have too many girls teams back then so I ended up playing on my brothers team. Now I play on a woman's team and have a great time!
Nov 1st 2007 16:57   
Emily Tanksley Senior   
Hi all,

I love gardening.. Flowers, vegetables, anything that will grow... LOL It is really relaxing for me to weed my flower beds. Helps me to clear my head and gives me some peace from my teen-agers(they would be afraid they would have to help...LOL)

I also love fishing and camping... But reading is my favorite!!!!

Great Blog Lynn. It takes us away from the business world for a bit..
Nov 1st 2007 17:12   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
I walk at a neighborhood park. And we have alot of people who walk their dogs and play fetch and some even do tricks. But, Ace sounds like he has them all beat! That would sure be fun to watch. Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 17:25   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I love getting out and taking walking tours of historical places. New Orleans was a blast! I think they realized they didn't let me stay in the cemetary long enough. Yes I know morbid but I have this thing about reading the tombstones and trying to imagine what that person's life was like.
Nov 1st 2007 17:45   
Jean DAndrea Senior   Retired

Like several of you, I like gardening. Usually start by wearing gloves, but sooner
or later, the gloves go, because I like getting in touch with the earth. It somehow
feels more real if I get my hands dirty.
Trying to grow a few vegeatables, and have a garden in the drought is a challenge,
but I enjoy getting out there.

Also enjoy playing with my pets - yes, even the snakes! They like to get outside
too. :-)
Reading is another pleasure, and sometimes listening to music.

Nov 1st 2007 18:49   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
Little Froggie,
That sounds great. My daughters friend is on a soccer team and she is thinking about joining. I am all for anything that keeps them active :) Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 19:01   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
Thank you, its nice to step back from working on business once in awhile. I too enjoy working in the yard, I would rather rake the yard or pull weeds than do And I really don't get many offers of help on either :) Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 19:54   
Emily Tanksley Senior   
ppl_cheryl63 - My husband thought I was so weird because I love old cemetaries and churches. I had to show him this blog so he could maybe form a different opinion..

I am fascinated with old tombstones..seeing the dates, the names, the ages..

This is an activity that me and my children share outside. I straighten up when we are visiting the old cemetaries and my children help as well. I can't stand thinking these people who maybe have no family left is forgotten. Glad to meet you and to know that we definetly have 3 things in common...
Nov 1st 2007 20:28   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
I enjoy historical sites. But, I will pass on the gravestones :) Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 21:21   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
Hi Jean,
It seems like alot of us enjoy being outdoors. I do much better with my plants outdoors, plants indoors don't always do so Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 21:23   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
I guess I should have been a little clearer, it is my children who don't like to give up any of their valueable My husband has no problems helping out, I am one of the lucky ones. Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 21:26   
A.K. Shrivastava Freshman   

After all long hours with Mouse and Keyboard, I prefer playing some T.T. for an hour or so it really helps. Or else I juts go out for a walk with my 4 yr old kid.


Nov 1st 2007 21:38   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
No worries, I was going off Emily's comment, when she mentioned her teenagers. There is bound to be a little confusion, when we have so many comments from everyone. Sometimes its like a maze...great fun :) Lynn
Nov 1st 2007 22:46   
Lynn I. Magnate II   Earning Online Since 1999
Hi, what is T.T.? Lynn
Nov 2nd 2007 09:37   
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