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My main business is selling web hosting, and I've chosen to promote the host with whom I have most of my sites. The cost is reasonable, the uptime is great, and I'm very happy with them.

If you're looking for hosting for yourself, you can't do better than to check out this host.

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Jan 12 2012 17:21

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Your business center looks great, Jean. Very professional and well organized! Great work. :-) Robin
 - rogapesh March 12th, 2008

Jean it is an absolute pleasure to have someone you can call a friend in this crazy mixed up world of 'internet marketing'! I wish you much success with your OBA business and especially in life, surely of which you have already accumulated a Great wealth!
 - glnagy February 21st, 2008

Hi Snakesmum Your Business Center looks Great. It has some nice color choices and not too overwhelming. Everything seems very accessible. Nice job Jean.
 - janelle February 21st, 2008

Hi, Your O.B.A looks good; it has items and links that do prickle my interest. I will be snooping around to see them.........All The Best M.S.S
 - mauriziosalvador December 18th, 2007

I'm new to OBA and just let me say that the products are exceptional!! But what makes this business different (and better) are the people. The level of support and commitment are second to none. I love your Business Center...Great Job!!
 - dontquit December 13th, 2007


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