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About our Business

This Apsense blog is going to be taking a new twist.

I am going to try and do things a little differently than I have been doing. Don't get me wrong I am still with "ONLINE BUSINESS ALLIANCE" but branching out somewhat from the normal method of the way I do things.

I have created a new blog located here Wendy's Reel.

Please feel free to pop over and have look at it. Would love to hear what you think of it, comments, I will accept criticism and thumbs down on it. So by all means stop. Leave a comment as well.

To show everyone that "ONLINE BUSINESS ALLIANCE" is Unique and truly Different from "ALL THE REST." Keep reading "THESE ARE THEIR WORDS" I do this out of "RESPECT " and to show how much I am "DEDICATED to OBA and my FRIENDS"



"OBA is great" - I love visiting the Owner's Business Centre, our forum. It's so friendly and helpful. OBA is not my first online business, but it's going to be the only one I promote from now on. "OBA Rocks!!"

I have been with Online Business Alliance(OBA) since it’s inception Oct 31/06 and I have known Dave for a little over 5 years now.

Meet "DAVE GRAY", the owner.

He is man with vision, passion, integrity, humility, resourcefulness, ingenuity, honesty and ability who is the driving force behind OBA. It is an honour to call him a friend, partner and Teammate.

OBA (Online Business Alliance) is a NEW STAR on the Internet horizon...., but many feel that the impact it will create in the lives of thousands of people around the world in the years to come will be remarkable!

The Online Business Alliance is about TEAM SUCCESS. You start with a $5 ebook and end up with a complete, fully automated internet home business system set up to build your income to the level you choose from the promotion of one ebook, period

Here is the complete list of official OBA promises

1.) WE; promise that OBA will continue to operate as a business based on 100% honesty and 100% integrity.

2.) WE promise that building a successful OBA business will be one of the most challenging and frustrating things you've ever attempted.

3.) WE promise that building a successful OBA business will be one of the most emotionally gratifying and financially rewarding things you've ever accomplished.

4.) WE promise that if you will learn everything you can about this business, focus 100% of your attention on helping others to achieve their goals in this business, and refuse to quit, you will be able to achieve all of your financial goals in this business.

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Nov 19 2007 20:31

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Hi Wendy.... Your website here at APSense looks wonderful. Lots of testimonies about your business and i can attest to you being an honest and caring person who is well known in the APSense community for your sense of humor! .... and there's lots of great offers on your website...something for everyone! to our mutual success! Beth Schmillen ~
 - bethsventures January 31st, 2008

Hey Wendy, Love your Business Centre ...very nicely set out. Easy to understand . Hope you are having the success you want. Have fun Bryan
 - aunz45 December 18th, 2007

I love your business center. It's very eye catching! Great job!
 - pplcheryl63 November 22nd, 2007

First off, Wendy, You are brilliant and fun, and any business will definitely benefit from your Presense... Your main business represents one of the finest opportunities available on the Internet these days. It's successful reputation has been noted at several rating sites, and I'm willing to bet that those great ratings have a lot to do with you being on point in your promotions! :) Much success to You and Yours Now and Forever and of course, Cheers! :)
 - peaceful November 22nd, 2007

Thanks so much for your Testimonial at my Business Center! I have to say that I am so impressed by your site regarding layout and content. I am really grateful for your words of encouragement and hope that someday I acheive the knowledge that you obviously have about online business promotion!
 - boristimmy October 23rd, 2007

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