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 Welcome to Sassy Fruit Baskets Delivered. It is our pleasure to bring to you some unusual ideas for that special someone in your life. Our intentions are to provide you with unique gift ideas for many different occasions. We hope to share some things with you that you can use to brighten anyones day. We are working to keep your life simple by making things easy as possible. Sassy Fruit Baskets Delivered provides you with a variety of many different stores for you to browse. Our goal is to present you with ideas, nutritional information and an all around wonderful experience while you visit our site. Sassy Fruit Baskets Delivered is proud to serve you. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and to share our site with your family and friends.

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Kay is a work from home expert. She can help and promote you in many areas. From internet marketing, affiliate promotion, list building, up to data entry, coaching and training in many aspects. So, if you need help, she is here and she'll lead you on your road to success.
 - ilbiscom November 30th, 2012

Key is a personal friend who I met online. She is very experienced at communications as well as many other skills. I am proud to have Kay as one of my personal friends and would and have gone out of my way to help her with anything that I can. I love doing projects with Kay.
 - jimmyshine November 4th, 2012

Kay is a very helpful person and a very nice person
 - g_1973 October 26th, 2012

Bering new to APSENSE I was looking for an educational resource who I could relate to and understand, I am grateful for Kay and recommend her.
 - hothangef October 1st, 2012

Kay is one of the best go-getter people I have met. She gets an idea and off she goes. She also has a heart of gold, call and if she can she will be at your side.
 - alamoshopper September 21st, 2012


Kay Brasher
Sun City Center, United States
Someone who has made achievements with something to offer whether they are new ideas, experiences, products or services. View Profile
Business Industry
  • Self Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Computers
  • Communications
  • Business


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Sassy Fruit Baskets Delivered wants to be your One~Stop Shop. It is our goal to provide you with a variety of Gift Baskets for your family, friends and loved ones to enjoy. Come and have some fun by finding that one special gift for your recipient.