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Joined APSense since, January 23rd, 2012, From Sun City Center, United States.
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About Kay

My name is Kay Brasher. I live in Sun City Center, FL .

I work from home and I enjoy the flexibility of my own schedule.

I am kind of diversed in many areas. I was a manager at a restaurant, retail, made electrical conduits from machines that made bullets
for WWII. I have worked in the hospital field in all facets of Patient Information and medical billing and diagnostic test scheduling,
I prerformed customer service for Home Depot as a Water Heater Expert. I handled escalated calls and was in lower mamagement there as well.

I became health stricken and it was determined that I could no longer work in the real since of the word. I work from hom Internet Marketing,
Affiliated Marketing, List Building. I love to crochet baby blankets as a pass time. I also, enjoy reading, music, billards, swimming, bowling and most of
all dancing. I can not do most of them anymore but, my favorite it to dance. I used to be in Jazz and Tap.

My specialty is promoting people and helping to give them suggestions as how to be more successful.

My skills are transcription work, data entry, medical billing, coaching and training in many different aspects.

I have a boy friend and he has two daughters. I have no family left I am a lone survivor.

I blog. I twitter, I myspace, I facebook, I skype, I netlog, I stumble upon, and many many more other social networking sites.

I am conducting webinars for those people who would like to promote themselves and/or their business. If you would like to do one please contact me and I will
get it set up for you.

Brand Pages Kay Likes

  • APSense
  • Free Facebook Likes
  • 360 Degree Technosoft
  • WorthReferral
  • Online trading
  • Grow A Massive Downline
  • Apple
  • Free Website Traffic
  • Marketers Co-Op
  • SSLMatrix

Recommendations for Kay

Sissy Moss Advanced
Kay Brasher is very good at helping connect people that can help each other. She hosts webinars that help people get the word out and share about their business.

Recommendation on Experiences: Owner, Kay Brasher
Patsy j Payne Committed  
Kay is one of the best go-getter people I have met. She gets an idea and off she goes. She also has a heart of gold, call and if she can she will be at your side.

Recommendation on Haves: Bringing People Together
Sissy Moss Advanced
I have know Kay for quite a while and she is very much a people person. I have learned a lot from her. She always has great speakers at her webinars. I know for a fact I would not be where I am on the internet if it wasn't for Kay and all her help and teaching. She loves helping other do well and will go out of her way to help someone.

Recommendation on Haves: Consulting for websites
Philippe Moisan Magnate II  
I got to know Kay right after I did my ever webinar about APSense. She invited me to do one in her room. I can tell you, she won't try to steal the show. She's very generous and helpful, she even suggested I create a Skype group about APSense. She's well connected with many people who do webinars, not gurus, real people who teach you about everything you need in those webinars. I recommend that you connect with Kay.

Recommendation on Haves: Kay Brasher
Mark Roland Freshman
Bering new to APSENSE I was looking for an educational resource who I could relate to and understand, I am grateful for Kay and recommend her.

Recommendation on Haves: Kay Brasher

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