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General Courses of Metaphysical Sciences
Oct 1 2010 01:13
General Programs

Lintang Kautsar -Listening to the silence

Lintang Kautsar is a science/an ?ilmu? to know human?s potentials (personal empowerment) having been existed in ourselves. The overall potentials are concluded into 2 (two) potentials---the power of physics and the power spirit---, studied and gained through the maximal utilization of the power of spirit and the power of Huruf (hijaiyah letters) and bodily ayats, where there is a code secret or blueprint in every arabic letter from every creation. Read More 

Amazing Inner Power

Trishakti Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. You should also bear in mind that the Master shall also participate and awaken, activate and carry out synchronization of your inner power potential which has never been trained. Read More

Spiritual Power

Ilmu Spiritual here is the continuation program or the specialisation from Spiritual Power that was taught in Trishakti Inner Power Level Two. The analogy is, Spiritual Power or Trishakti Inner Power Level Two is a general program or a general doctor, whereas Spiritual Power that will be given here is specialisation programs. This Ilmu Spiritual is open for anyone, that will be much better if it?s studied by practitioners of Inner Power, Reiki, Pranic healing, Prima Energy, Tenaga Murni and the like. Read More 

Divine Frequency Bioenergy

Etymologically, the term bio comes from the word meaning of Bios which means life. Energy means power/strength/potency. Frequency is a vibration/ an electromagnetic energy. While divine means god or deity. The life energy itself comes from Allah; even it can be considered about that its essence (the life energy) is a part of Allah himself. Because of his mercy, Allah emits his life energy to his entire creature including human being in order to be alive. Read More 

Exoteric-Mystic Tibetan Energy

Diyva Tumo is a Tibetan mystical exoteric energy deriving from the Tibetan Plateau and is taken initially care of by VMG Dharmacakra Wisnumurti. This mystical exoteric Tibetan energy aims at constructing energy from inside by awakening or activating the ?sacred chandali fire?. There are six (6) levels of Divya Tumo : Sadhaka, High Sadhaka, Master Dtumo, Vajramaster Dtumo, Kalachakra, and Golden Rulai Grade/ Great Bliss. Read More

Ilmu Besi (The Science of Metal Core)

Generally speaking, this ?Ilmu Besi? is good for keeping the safety anywhere and at any time whether in the land, sea and air trips, or at home. It is also good for health especially in connecton with the physical condition. In addition, by learning this Ilmu Besi, your body immunity will be activated so that you can use it the ilmu for such self defense purposes as crippling the enemy, detecting whether or not the meal, drinking waters you going to eat or drink are in danger (poisonous) and also penetrating the arrogant person?s immunity. Read More

Asmak Malaikat (Angels Power)

Asmak Malaikat (Angels Power) consists of 5 levels. Level 1, 2 and 3 are pupil/practitioner level which may be studied by everybody without any special clauses. While, Level 4 and 5 can only be degraded to anybody assumed to be wise enough to become a Master / Teacher. Each level of Asmak Malaikat (Angels Power) has its own sentence of affirmation pertaining to the teaching and benefits of The Asmak Malaikat. An affirmation can be supposed as a key opening the door of energy. Read More


Asmak Yasin

Asmak Yasin is a kind of program to have metaphysics power faster. Asmak Yasin aims to make your body and soul (and your family) healthy, to strengthen yourself from many dangers, and to heal yourself and other people from any illnesss (either common illness/medical or physical and also non medical or metaphysics which uses the power of the jinn, Satan, or other mystical things). Read More

gTumo Exoteric

GTUMO IS A COSMIC ENERGY that enhances the attainment of a person?s spiritual achievement. gTumo serves also to cure various illnesses, both physical and psychological. gTumo means Holy Fire Energy. gTumo is a technique which is believed to be the pioneer of the technique known as Reiki. Read more