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Joined APSense since, September 3rd, 2010, From Semarang, Indonesia.
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A graduate of School of Tourism,
English Literature and a Magister of Management (Master) specialized in
Human Resource Management from UNDIP & STIKUBANK, reputable universities in
Semarang, Indonesia, and currently working for a Japanese Company. For the last 20 years
(since 1990), I've developed a keen interest in metaphysics (spiritual
activities). While initially I felt very skeptical and doubtful on anything
said to be metaphysical, my curiosity got stronger and it led me to further exploration
and studies in the metaphysical realm. I
do my best to always maintain a good outlook on life and be happy in thinking
and feeling as much as I can.

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panjipandega putra Advanced  
Hi are u doing??? it's surprising indeed to see you here... I know you well as a metaphysic practioner....I can you friends here that jokotry is really good at metaphysics, he's a leader of dzikr in his hometown and teach several metaphysical courses...many people have been taught and developed theirs of success....
Riza alamsyah Junior
Joko Try Abdul Haqq, i don't want to call him as my friend, because he is my teacher who taught me a lot of spiritual knowledge, and especially the lessons of life. He is the representative of spiritual path that I have joined from 2001 until now. His spiritual knowledge is unlimited.

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