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If you are still not a part of Global One so far...Read On

If you are still not a part of Global One so far...Join now FREE by visit here http://createfortuneonline.com/ (Click on "Start" button on the page to signup free)
Scotty Evans, President of Global One Companies, LLC (Ultimate Power Profits), in a Corporate Call to his members announced, in general terms, a collection of products and services that will be available in this business.

1. A Full-Service Global Travel Agency that will be available 
to function in more than a hundred countries around the world. As members, we may book and receive discounts for travel, accommodations and at destinations almost anywhere. He also mentioned that members may receive a "Travel Agent's Card" if we so wish.

2. A large line of Health & Wellness products that will surpass what other companies currently offer.

3. An online service that will have Music, E books, Movies and Games that Scotty Evans claims will alter the industry.

4. There will be Software Offerings.

5. Not only will new Bio-Science and Eco-Friendly products be available for his Humanitarian Trust, but there will be new products for the home that will be available for purchase. Some of which will be sold in stores, as previously mentioned, from which members will receive a share of the profits.

6. There will be protection products for Cars, RV's, Boats and so forth that will utterly amaze people.

7. There will be an online Shopping Mall containing the Biggest Stores from over 200 countries around the world.

8. Water products, unlike anything currently available, will hit store shelves and from which members will receive a share of the profits.

9. There will be a NEW Social Networking Site introduced that does not resemble any site currently available.

10. Also, there is something Scotty called the "Marquis" product which will cost only about $10. More information on this product will be available on the next Corporate Call. Of course, I'll report on that as soon as it is announced.

Products will be brought out "every 15 days or so" as they become available...

Plus of course, our core product " Elements of Wealth " which is industry best and it is available to us at a cost of pennies as compared to it's market value. "Elements of Wealth" is available in five different packages and these packages are included in our five different subscription/membership options from Tin to Platinum. Again, not to forget, we get many Businesses/Profit Centers which will include product/services as mentioned above as a Global One affiliate to get involve and reap long term profits from. Plus of course, an incredible Global Income Opportunity which is available to us at very low cost of $10/month (Tin) onwards.

If you're curious to know more about the wonderful "Elements of Wealth" program that Global One is rolling out as our premier product/service, here are 2 great videos that you can watch and share! These are fantastic. NOW I AM REALLY EXCITED!!!

To watch the Company sponsored presentation on "Elements of Wealth" click on this link: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=34162032

Here is EasyTrade360 narrated by the creator of the software program, Livio Nespoli http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnDOguV2KkA&feature=relmfu

Here is MarketCycle360!

MarketCycle360 is designed with two primary goals; wealth preservation and capital appreciation. Research covering 80 years of economic cycle and investment momentum are built into MarketCycle360. It can put the economy in your pocket. No other system in the financial market matches it!

"Elements of Wealth" consists of Newsletter and Software. I have a pdf file which will give you details of what we will get with different membership options. Ask me if you want for yourself...

Access a preview of the software at: http://www.interanalyst.us/price--guarantee.html

EasyTrade360 Software, itself costs $1000 License + $100 Monthly. And it is available to us from Silver level onwards. COT (Commitment of traders) software is also priceless which is available at Gold & Platinum level. MarketCycle360 Software costs $2500 License + $100 Monthly or $5000 Lifetime License. It comes with our Platinum membership

If you want to know more about our "iGO SHOPPING MALL "SHOP SMARTER", watch this YouTube video:


If you want to know more about our "iGO GLOBAL TRAVEL "TRAVEL SMARTER", watch this YouTube video: 


If you still not a part of Global One so far...Join now FREE and Get paid upto 26 times/month & position yourself strongly in our 3 x 10 company wide matrix, visit here http://createfortuneonline.com/ (Click on "Start" button on the page to signup free)

Below is a recorded Team Training by me which explains Global One Business Opportunity in a very simple way including pay plan. It is an audio only call so sit back, relax and listen....And get prepared.

http://youtu.be/TgkCRaaLGZ4 (In English)

http://youtu.be/y6DEzKsLmA0 (in Hindi)

I hope this helps to clarify the Global One business and its compensation plan. Further, you are most welcome to come up with all the queries/doubts or anything you do not understand. Just drop me a message and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Way to GO...Go...Go...Go Global One.

- Yogesh Subhanand
Skype: success.network

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