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Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Lko, India.
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About Yogesh

Here I would take this opportunity to share few things about me...

Being a mechanical engineer, I started my professional career in 1999 with my own traditional business in engineering design. But I always had a great passion to do something from my home (i.e. 100% home based business) being with my family. And dream comes true after my marriage in 2002. My wife is software professional and we started together our home based business finally in 2004 into e-commerce industry.

My network marketing career started in 1999 when I first got introduced to N21 (Amway business support system)...

Looking forward working with you as a team to achieve success together...

Enjoy and good luck!
Yogesh S

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Kathy Griffin Magnate I
Hello Yogesh, how your Addwallet business is going on? I am enjoying daily revenue share, thanks for introducing me into this good program...Enjoy your Sunday!
Triple A Glong Freshman
Affiliates have been complaining for a long time that Google keeps changing the rules of SEO. Most of the time it claims that it is doing it for the benefit of its users, but often it seems Google is just taking care of its own web properties...!!!

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Mathieu Gagné Committed  
oviously kinds things happen you may understands all while there greats approvments makings it's happen you always understands

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Neno Crvelin Professional  
I would like to work with you during the next year. Your friend and the hope of future business partner. I wish you a beautiful perfekt and successful life @ffiliantes
page Senior
Glad to meet you - hows it going, trying to further the relationship. blessings skype - goentskype

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