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Basically I promote multiple profitable online programs which allow me to create various streams of income.  These products and programs must offer value for myself as well as those I joint venture or partner with as well as offering that same value to those I market to.

Each program must fit into what I refer to as a STEP process.
Simplicity - Training - Efficiency - Profitability

You need a plan if you are going to succeed in any business; to help ensure you can succeed with your plan it should be as simple and effective as possible; therefore the products and programs that are Simple, offer effective Training, operate Efficiently and offer great return and Profitability are best to build your business with. 

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The Success at Home Blueprint

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Create Success One Step at a Time

And remember:

Take Action One Step at a Time Towards Your Goals.
Do something TODAY That Moves You Forward in the direction of your Goals!

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Most certainly would recommend a fellow Canadian who has an Irish background like I do
 - blackbeltmarketer July 19th, 2012

I have known Corey for a couple of years now. He is a hard working, dedicated mentor with the heart of a servant. Corey is a well respected member in his circles of influence.
 - abdeel June 26th, 2012

Peace and Blessings be Upon You, Mr.Corey Blackmur. My family and I would like to thank you for being here at APSense at the right time on April 27, 2011, when you posted a article on Kevin Trudeau. I was very curious needless to say and found that it was exactly, what we were looking for. We have focus on how we can build our business now, thanks to you! Go4Gold, QueenHajar P.S. My family and I are going to the Seminar this Saturday, to Rosemont,Il. How To Go Platinum In 9o Days...The Final Push!
 - iqueen25 October 2nd, 2011

Corey, l have enjoyed your articles, learned from the informative information that you have presented and displayed in a professional manner. You understand internet marketing, how it works and how to get the attention of his audience. This is vital when marketing on the internet, you need to target your market with the correct content. Corey has displayed this ability. Your a great source of information and Good Western Canadian Boy makes for one great package... All The Best Joseph F. Botelho
 - jfbmarketing April 2nd, 2011

Corey, You information is very helpful and I enjoying reading each and every post you make you are a true inspiration . Debbie
 - debie March 20th, 2011

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