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Dr. Don is the Founder of Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO), very very great person and he lives in malaysia, very close to me who lives in indonesia... i hope we can meet someday...
 - boxhansel October 11th, 2019

Dr Don Yates is a very experienced business entrepreneur who is willing to share his wealth of experience with associates and friends. He is very approachable and credible upholding the ideals of online marketing. I recommend him highly to anyone who may need to associate with him in any way.
 - eric123 February 14th, 2019

Such a good knowledge about business idea, also he is best in digital marketing. I am recommend it for other.
 - krishnalive October 15th, 2018

Dr Don Y is an Entrepreneur, Website Owner, Team Leader, will experience in affiliate marrketing
 - meetpeter May 31st, 2018

It's great giving back and helping others achieve their goals.
 - cnj02c January 5th, 2018