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Dr Don Yates Sr PhD is the Founder of Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO) In War in Internet Crime Focused On Keeping Children Safe Online. He is also, Author The Internet Users Handbook 2009-2013 Draft 3rd Edition Work in Progress Education, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing, Relationships, Shopping & Reviews Check out his Home page to learn more.
 - iqueen25 March 9th, 2020

Mr Don is a nice guy. For whose who is in need of his professional help, just give a shot now! greetings from Belgium
 - 1belgianbill February 5th, 2020

IF "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care." (John C. Maxwell) then the whole APSense community should START LISTENING to what Dr Don Yates Sr has to say, because he DOES CARE A LOT! THANK YOU, Don @drdony for sharing Your knowledge!
 - cerberus October 27th, 2019

Dr. Don is the Founder of Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO), very very great person and he lives in malaysia, very close to me who lives in indonesia... i hope we can meet someday...
 - boxhansel October 10th, 2019

Dr Don Yates is a very experienced business entrepreneur who is willing to share his wealth of experience with associates and friends. He is very approachable and credible upholding the ideals of online marketing. I recommend him highly to anyone who may need to associate with him in any way.
 - eric123 February 14th, 2019