Dawie, Your ceaseless efforts against spam and scams are building an amazing catalog of resources for members to use to protect themselves form Scams. With numbers like ONLY one of of every 55 online opportunities being legitimate, your dedication is not only appreciated, it's needed. For that Reason I and Happy to announce you as the Business Expert of the Week for the week of Nov 28th 2010
 - pplcheryl63 November 28th, 2010

Hi Dawie, Very good to meet you. I like straight talkers and people who are interested in learning and helping others. You are an inspiration to newbies.
 - triker007 November 9th, 2010

Hello, It is nice to meet people on this social network that are entrepeneurs.
 - lequaa23 October 27th, 2010

Hey Dawie, great Apsense profile! All the best and continuing success in your internet entrepreneur venchers! ? Careece
 - megawealthx October 25th, 2010

Hi there, I enjoy very much your comments on many of the Apsense places I visit. You seem to know what you are talking about and I have learned so much just reading your comments. They are short and to the point. Keep up the good work... Tony
 - tpeters7 October 23rd, 2010

Hi Dawie - Awesome profile, I like Dawie's straight talking and imformative posts and look forward to being able to exchange Knowledge and tips with him and work to a more profitable future
 - merlinsean October 21st, 2010

Hi Dawie. It's good to see a fellow South African with Apsense. I like your Blogs as well as your RevPages. It's very informative and well written. Any newbie will do well to follow you and your advice. Stay well and blessings to you.
 - amvdl1966 October 19th, 2010

Hi Dawie, I appreciate that you take the time to write thoughtful comments on blogs and discussions here at ApSense. I have seen your blog about the 10 types of schemes to keep away from, it was complete and very informative. I look forward to building a strong relationship with you. Philippe
 - phmoisan October 18th, 2010

I came in contact with Dawie through Apsense and started following his posts. These contain good information and warnings about scams. Since i am not an USA-resident I do not yet know all the sites to find info about that myself, this is a great help for me.
 - webmiep October 17th, 2010

Always writes what he thinks and is a genuine networker. I like and agree with most of what he says. Beginners would be ill advised to disregard his advice. Thanks Dawie for some excellent articles.
 - incomesteps October 15th, 2010

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