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Alas y Cia - The Place for Angel Lovers - Oct 23rd 2021 07:26

About our Business

I run Alas y Cia Granada, an angel studio workshop in Granada, Spain.
which I started after a career in the business world - and turned my hobby into a business 10 years ago!

Here we produce our range of beautiful, hand crafted,  hand painted angels and cherub  figurines for angel lovers all over the world.

 For gifts, collections and home decor.  We supply shops and private individuals through our web site.  All our work is produced to order for our customers to suit their needs.

Whether you are looking for that special gift, something fill that gap on the wall or a new piece for your collection - we invite you to come and visit our Web.

We also have a small but carefully selected range of nativity sets to add that special traditional touch to christmas - for homes and businesses


                                  DO WE HAVE AN ANGEL FOR YOU?


I have recently discovered BONANZLE.  It is the fastest growing and most popular alternative to eBay around right now.  It is a wonderful friendly place to buy and sell and has the great atmosphere that eBay had many moons ago before it became "Corporate".  Booths (stores) are FREE for sellers including 4 photos and there is only a small fee pay on sale.  You can import listings from eBay and Craigs list and it offers some great features, including a live chat option where you can speak to sellers direct and the opportunity to put your items on google base too.

Sellers are joining in droves and it is geared to the small and medium seller.  Seller and buyer support is fantastic too.

A great place to find Everything but the Ordinary.

I have two Groups here - The Artists and Artisans Place - for all artists and crafters and lovers of their work.  Here we can show our work and share ways we know of selling it.

The How DO you Choose your Business or Opportunity? Group -  where we can share our experiences and advice on how to choose the RIGHt programme for us - as I strongly believe that  the one that is wrong for you wont work - however good it is - BUT the RIGHT one will!

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Very Good buz center . I like it, will come here often :) Anna
 - annagrefberg July 13th, 2008

Hey Jenny, I can't say what a pleasure it is to have a real friend like you in this crazy business we call marketing. Love your work, hope to talk soon!
 - glnagy April 24th, 2008

Hi Jenny! Very nice site; simple and clear. Congratulations!
 - sguzmanc April 20th, 2008

You have a great looking business center - very professional. Good work! Robin
 - rogapesh March 1st, 2008

WOW Jenny Your Apsense Business Center looks really cool. Nice and clean and not too overwhelming, yet everything seems real accessible. Great job. Wishing the great success and life's greatest contentments. Your fan Jeunelle.
 - janelle February 24th, 2008


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