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Joined APSense since, September 27th, 2007, From Manchester, United Kingdom.
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About Chris

Looking For A Better Way Of Life?
Free From The Daily Grind Of The Day Job, Working Long Hours For Little Money, And Having No Time For Yourself And Family Before Back To The Day Job, Is This You?

Well Do You Want To Wait Till You Retire?
If You Live Long Enough To Retirement To Find That You Have No Savings, Pension Or Anything To Show For Your Life.

Well So Many Of You Are Doing Just This Right Now.

Let Me Ask You A Question?
Are You Today Where You Thought You Would Be 5 Years Ago, And If Not Where Will You Be In 5 Years More.
Look At What The Ressession Has Done To So Many Peoples, Pensions, Savings Jobs Etc.

Are You Prepared To Wait Till The Next Ressession?
To Lose All You Have Worked For Before Doing Something About It,

Then Start TODAY To Do Something About It.

Make This Year Better Than The Last.

Work At Home, Doing Your Own Thing, Your Own Time, To Suit Around Your Family Etc, And Getting Paid As Often As Daily, Not Weekly Or Monthly.

Your Choice!
Your Life!
Your The Boss!

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Recommendations for Chris

David W. Magnate I
Chris really knows his stuff. Anyone would be happy to work with him!

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Jasmina Piukovic Committed  
Chris is very vast in f5m and also one the team leader there, he has help many to succeed in f5m including me. We met in apsense and our relationship has been good, a real person.

Recommendation on Haves: Learn how to find prospects ONLINE using YouTube,
Bipin Shah Magnate I  
Chris Is Really A Good Team Leader & Helping Its Team Grow On A Fast Track.

Recommendation on Experiences: Facebook Fan Page, Internet Entrepreneur
David DeCredico Magnate I  
Chris is professional and attentive. He brought me into the F5M-Millionaires Club restart program and taught me email marketing. I wish him the best in anything he pursues.

Recommendation on Experiences: Facebook Fan Page, Internet Entrepreneur
Robert Hebel Professional  
Chris, I've been watching for a while and he seems to care and send people to programs he uses and promotes, also he is a great team leader keep up the good work Chris.

Recommendation on Haves: Learn how to find prospects ONLINE using YouTube,

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