E-book makers

How you got the idea of your e-book? How much time it took to complete it?

by problogger vt Wholesale Handicraft and Garments
problogger vt Innovator Wholesale Handicraft and...
How you came up with the idea of book, book writing is not that piece of a pie job.

And how much time you took to come up with first edition of it.
May 17th 2012 06:48


Salim Benhouhou Professional   IT Support
well it depends on the content of the book
May 17th 2012 09:29   
Rado Zupanc Senior   x
I had a blog about learning Portuguese and/ or Slovenian language - 1 post for 1 chapter. As blog is not 'user friendly'
to read old posts etc., I decided to make eBook
May 17th 2012 21:01   
Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe   The Internet Crime Fighters Org
I started a blog article and turned it into an ebook after about about 2 years research, Several months of writing. Latest 2nd Edition took 5 month to rewrite and am still chasing typoes
May 17th 2012 23:15   
Salim Benhouhou Professional   IT Support
i like your ebook don
May 18th 2012 02:54   
Rado Zupanc Senior   x
Don, I also turned my blog article into eBook after about 2 years.
I had more than 10.000 visits on blog so I hope some of visitors will by or rent my eBook
May 18th 2012 09:53   
Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe   The Internet Crime Fighters Org
Thanks, what is your book Rado
May 18th 2012 23:22   
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