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by Joan Larmon
Joan Larmon Advanced  
A Blessed Love to all, its been a while that I have posted, but thank God I have a chance to do so now. Things has been going well with the Craft, I must say they are lots of demand where the Rastafari colors of Red, Gold, Green, and Black (mix together) are concern.  
The thing though, the market in Jamaica is low where Craft Products are concern, but I am always happy to see the smile on my customers face, and so price becomes of no interest.    I am starting to work with wool at this time, making Regailas, Bags of all sorts, Head Bands and Hand Bands. To I personally, I love doing Crafts, whatever it may be, I can remember I once was making straw mats, it was a joy for I to plait those straws, and then sew them. The finish product was so, so beautiful.   
Doing Hand Craft is a natural Creational work, that is working with Nature. I will continue to do my Craft, as I love working with Nature.   
Thank You.
Apr 3rd 2011 05:24


Darlene Isberg Senior   Internet User
Always nice to hear from you Joan.

I came across an advertising site you may be able to use. www etsy dot com - there is a fee for use BUT only after you have made a sale. I haven't explored the website very well, so you may want to do that before you get involved. They are looking for handcrafted items. Just a thought.
Apr 3rd 2011 14:50   
Joan Larmon Advanced   
Thanks for the thought Darlene, I must say I checked that site once, I will check it out again. Thank you
Apr 3rd 2011 18:16   
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